Mid-Year Book Freak-Out Tag

I’ve wanted to do this tag for yearrrrsss… and now I finally can. Because I have a blog now. Even if said blog refuses to send out notifications no matter WHAT I do. XP

1. Best book you’ve read so far in 2020:

Because no book has made me cry so much hours after I read it. 
And no other book gave me the desperate longing for characters to be saved… 

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2020: 
That was hard. But I’m going to go with Then There Were Five by Elizabeth Enright. It’s book 3 in a series. but it’s a sequel to book 2, so… it counts. XP And it’s the best sequel I’ve read this year, for sure. I loved it so much!!

3. New release you haven’t read yet but want to: 
Ah, well, by the time this goes live… Let’s say “Ivy Introspective” by Kellyn Roth! She has me very intrigued. But first I want to read the first book. 

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year:
I cannot wait at all. 
It’s gonna be so good. 

5. Biggest disappointment:
All it discussed was the Aztec’s religion. Nothing else about them. I expected more from Freeman. 

6. Biggest surprise:
Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH! It was totally not what I expected, but I loved it so, so much!

7. Favourite new author:
Lauren Compton!! I really, really loved Jayne’s Endeavour and it was sooo clean. I cannot wait for book 2!

8. Newest fictional crush/ship:
Okay, first I want to preface: I don’t recommend the Rose Years to everyone. And I plan to reread them next year to see what I think of them then. For now, though, my favourite ship is Paul Cooley & Rose Wilder. And I’m just gonna pretend that Rose stays the sweet, happy girl she was and marries Paul and has a bunch of children and is happy. <33 

9. Newest favorite character:
Sidney Carton. 
Because, Sidney Carton.
But an honourable mention goes to the Honourable Frederick (no pun intended, that’s his name) from Rebecca’s War. Because oh, I loved that man. What a true gentleman. <33

10. Book that made you cry: 
Can we say all the Elsie Dinsmore books? Because I’m fairly certain they all have. (Books 1-8). 

11. Book that made you happy:
Oh, so many. But let’s just say Dusty Diamonds. Because that one I said so right up in the review. 

12. Favourite book-to-film adaptation you saw this year:
Babar TV Series. I haven’t seen any others really.  

13. Favourite bookish post you’ve done so far this year: 
Blog: I can’t choose between the Me in Book Characters Tag and the Journaling My Favourite Novel post.
14. Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year: 
I… haven’t bought any books this year really… I got most of them as gifts. *hides* So I’ll have to say, cover-wise, Orphan at my Door, because I love the neat, natty covers of the Dear Canada books. Content-wise, Tattered Wings, by Kassie Angle. 

15. Books you need to read by the end of the year: 
Oh, my… many. Many. MANY. MANY MANY MANY. 

Not really. But there’s so many books to read and so little time!!!

I don’t tag anyone, but feel free to steal it! 😉 I’d love to see your answers. 

P.S. Sign-ups are now open to beta-read The Colour Red! Ladies/girls only–sorry, gentlemen. 

Published by Katja L.

Hello! :) I'm Katja. I'm a Canadian bibliophile, book reviewer, writer, and child of God. I love too many things to name, but among them are chocolate, heirlooms, history, fancy handwriting, grammar & punctuation, laughter, tearjerking books, lists, organized bookshelves, pink roses, flowing skirts, hymns, and pretty much anything old-fashioned, beautiful, & classy.

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