Exciting News & Some Great Books

Today I am going to do an author spotlight. I haven’t ever done that before, but I really felt the need to do it for this author. 🙂
(And quick disclaimer before I start: I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this post; the author is unaware that I am even writing it. I’m simply sharing some amazing stories that I love with you guys.)

I first met Angie at Camp NaNo. I forget how it came about, but she ended up emailing me copies of her stories in exchange for reviews. I believe the first I read was Bridgers, but it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that I discovered a treasure trove. 
Angie’s stories have brought me so much happiness and satisfaction. Each time I pick one up, I know I will find exciting action, witty humour, living characters, sweet family relationships, redemption, reminders of the peace Jesus gives, and good lessons. I have read these stories more than once, and I love them more every time. Recently I was reading a book that left me frustrated and emotionally charged; sitting down with two of Angie’s stories calmed my heart. ❤ The books often tackle hard themes/storylines, but they deal with each one with grace. With heart-tugging comes humour; the excitement is mixed with calm; and I am left satisfied. 
So let’s take a bit more of an in-depth look at each story. 
~As Good as My Coach~
True excellence comes with a price…
Eva has never doubted her coach’s ability, but a startling conversation leaves her mind racing with questions. Are the girls’ suspicions true? Why won’t Alexei let her compete? And how can she learn to be her best without a better coach?
When her preoccupation leads her into danger, Alexei steps in, and Eva is forced to make a choice. Will she follow a fleeting dream or embrace the lessons her coach can teach?
4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I really enjoyed this story. Papi was so sweet and loving… and I loved, loved, loved Alexei… his storyline was just amazing, and his character is so strong and caring. And oh, I loved Eva’s lesson!! It was well written and just so good. <33

Three boys. One choice. No turning back.
Peyton is a rising star in the church who is well on the way to reaching his biggest dreams. Levi is a pastor’s son struggling to live up to his faith under pressure from all sides. DaVonte is a kid from the wrong side of town who would be content if he and his friends were just left alone.
When an act of violence presents a sudden decision, each boy’s answer will shake the community to its core and shape its future forever. Love and truth face off against fear and pride in this modern extension of one of Jesus’ best-known parables.
5+ stars and 7/10 hearts. This little book was lovely. I was hooked by chapter one, and my interest never waned. I loved DaVonte right away—he was so kind and thoughtful, trying so hard to do right even if he hardly knew what right was. His interactions with Brett and Levi were awesome—especially with Levi, who was almost as sarcastic. The humour was excellent. xD Asher was awesome too. 😉 There was a mention of drugs, cigarettes, stabbing, murder, tattoos, and the like, but they are barely mentioned or not detailed and handled very well (we all know I’m sensitive to stuff like that, and I had no problem with it). I loved the message of the book—it was so true and so well done. The scene where Pastor Allison counsels Levi—ohhhh. I needed to hear that so badly. It almost brought tears to my eyes. And the scene where DaVonte almost smokes—that was beautiful. So much love shown. ❤ Recommended ages: 14+.
~A Brother is Born~
Benny’s coming hadn’t changed anything—or had it?
With a new foster kid joining Alex Carson’s family, everyone is prepared for changes. So when Benny slips into the tight-knit group with barely a ripple, the family is at once surprised and delighted.
But beneath the surface, deeper waters are stirred as Alex finds herself at odds with Jess over his jokes on the unsuspecting and gullible Benny. Will Jess’s teasing and her own insecurities separate Alex from her brother? Or can a surprising source teach them a needed lesson in love?
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I’ve read almost all of Angie Thompson’s books—if not all—and this one did not disappoint. I was laughing aloud early on. I love Ty, Benny, and Jess… and the aunt and uncle. The humour is hilarious, the lesson is amazing. The ending had me in tears… And I loved the mini lesson about Jonathan & David! <33 
A sinister threat. A shocking betrayal. A single rose.
Jan has poured her grief over her brother’s death into finishing his work—crippling the terrible system they’d unknowingly helped to build. But when a strange gift beckons her to seek out Kevin’s betrayer, will she find the answers she needs? Or will hate and anger shatter everything she holds dear?
5 stars & 6/10 hearts. This was an intriguing read that I greatly enjoyed. It was rather exciting, humorous, and full of lovely characters (Jack is my favourite <33). At first it was a little confusing, but I caught on to what was happening fairly quickly—though I was still left wondering a little as to the details of what they were doing and what the villain was doing. Angie is great at starting off in the middle of things and explaining gradually but well what is happening. Poor little Kevin + Jack were amazing… and Jan was lovely too. I’ve found a new favourite Indie Author and I’m looking forwards so much to reading more of her works!! 
~A Heart’s Cry Series~
1: A Sister’s Burdens.
“Dearest Paul…do tell me what I should do!”
With her adored older brother away in the West, Lucy is hovering on the brink of despair. How can she ever stay cheerful and good without Paul’s help and guidance?
Paul knows the answer to his sister’s troubles, but convincing her is another matter. When their letters prove too slow to prevent calamity, can he lead her to his own source of help?
4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. This is a sweet story that I loved immediately. It had a quaint, old-fashioned flavour and the letters let drop enough for you to understand the backstory without having to be info-dumped. Paul was a dear, and I loved his gentle pointing to Christ. And Lucy was sweet. The message of this book is beautiful, and once again, Angie Thompson has proved herself an author to read and love. 
2: A Bride’s Troubles.
“Oh, what change a day can make!”
Lucy’s life has never looked brighter than since her recent engagement, and she pours out her raptures as usual in letters to her older brother. But clouds are gathering beyond her vision, and her commitment is soon to be tested in ways she never expected.
When the storm unleashes its fury, can Paul help her find her way? Or will her chance for happiness be lost forever?
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. What a lovely story. <33 Paul always was amazing, but his wisdom and care in this book is just so sweet and lovely. Lucy’s growth and maturing is lovely too. There’s just so many nuggets of wisdom in this book, all mixed up with humour and sweet moments, and neatly packaged in delightful, old-fashioned writing. <33

How’d I ever be the great man Ma wanted if I didn’t take time for my lessons?
Everyone knows that Dan is destined for greatness. But when his teacher insists that he put schoolwork above everything else, his heart is torn. Is personal ambition worth the cost to his family? Or does a better lesson await beyond the pages of his schoolbooks?
4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. This was just a really sweet story that made me happy. I loved the family relationships, the characters, the lesson… it was just so sweet and so real and so good. <33
~Love Blind~
Was Danna the only one I’d been blind to all these years?
Returning home from a disastrous ski trip, Jake is quick to trace Mel’s hand in the welcoming touches scattered throughout his apartment. But when a closer look reveals more than she intended to show, Jake’s world is turned upside down. Can he somehow prove to Mel that he’s woken up at last, or has he lost the chance forever?
4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. Dawwwww. That was my reaction when I finished this story. It is such a sweet, humorous, realistic little story with a gorgeous, amazing message. Mel’s sacrifice and love… <33 beautiful. I want to be like Mel when I grow up. <33 Read the prequel here!

~Off Course~
Was it even possible to fix this mess?
Still reeling from the sudden wreck of her career, the last thing Julie wants to do is visit her brother in juvenile detention. But when Colton’s plight brings her face to face with her own failures, Julie’s well-ordered world is rocked to its core. Is there any way to get her life back on track? And what will she do about Colton?
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. This is such a good story. We all know I’m a sucker for redemption stories. This one is redemption in two ways. I love it. I love how Julie realizes her worth, as she is, and how Colton realizes it’s not all over… Plus, it deals with prison/justice & sibling relationships. It’s a small story, but I totally love it. <33 
Bryson was finally home and safe—wasn’t he?
All Madison wants is to be with her brother, whose recent brush with death has made him more precious to her than ever. But despite repeated assurances that he’s fine, an undercurrent of tension leaves her wondering what secrets lie beneath the surface.
Alone with Bryson on her first night home, can Madison find the truth behind the shadows that lurk in her brother’s eyes? Or will he succeed in shutting out the help he needs most?
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I really enjoyed this story! It is just so sweet and dramatic enough for this drama-loving girl with a huge soft spot for sibling relationships. 😉 I loved seeing the interaction between Bryson and Madison and how both were so protective of each other!
~Second Family~
Ten children. Two families. One chance.
Convincing onlookers that her best friend Mikyah Byrd is truly more like a brother seems like a never-ending task to Jenna Denton. But when calamity strikes the Byrd household, her family’s help becomes more crucial than she ever imagined. Will the Dentons’ love and commitment be enough to keep their unusual family intact? Or will a perfect storm of troubles separate them forever?
5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I loved this story when I read the draft for the first time—less than a month ago—and I loved it just as much when I read the published version. I grew up surrounded by Haitians and Africans, and I was so happy to find characters that were dark-skinned. The descriptions were excellent and I could visualize the Byrds in my head. I loved the plot and the beautiful speech from Mrs. Houston made me tear up. This is just a precious, beautiful book and I love it so much. 
~Today Never Happened~
If only I could start the day over…
Kale Greene’s life was never perfect, but his last few days with the Taylor family have been better than most. Or they were until today. Now he’s ruined everything, and for more than just himself.
When yet another attempt to make things right falls through, will it mean a fitting end or a new beginning? Can anything fix a day that’s gone so completely wrong?
5+ stars & 6/10 hearts. Oh, I love this story. Foster families + sibling relationships + adorable little kids + police officers + love… it’s so sweet and beautiful. The Taylors had the loveliest family, and Kale was a sweetheart, and I LOVED Malachi. This is definitely one of my favourite Angie Thompson books. 
~What the Cat Dragged In~
How far can a promise reach?
Since aging out of the foster care system, Stephen’s life has gone from bad to worse. As he wrestles with a bleak present and a grim future, an unexpected encounter with a girl and her kitten changes everything. But will his improvised rescue end in disaster, or does God have other plans?
5+ stars & 7/10 hearts. Next to “Bridgers,” this is my favourite Angie Thompson story. Oh my heart. I love it so much. The humour is so sarcastic. The theme of brown eyes & hope is so lovely. All the characters were so real and amazing, and poor Stephen’s story was so sad and yet so lovely… <33 Yes, yes, this is the best of her short stories.
Don’t they all just sound amazing?? I love these stories so much and I am always so excited when I find out she has a new one!
You can read some of her unpublished short stories here for free… they are just as amazing (and I still hope that someday they will be published!!!)
Now here’s the great news:
Angie is giving away ebook copies of all these books for free during this quarantine!!!! So hop over here to ask for yours!!!

I hope you check out these books and that they bless you as much as they did me. <33 
(P.S. She is currently writing a new series… “The Quiet Valor series follows a diverse group of women seeking to live with strength and courage in a torn and broken world. Because its author can’t do anything the easy way, she describes its genre as Victorian era kingdom adventure with a dash of sweet romance and just a hint of steampunk.” And they are SO AMAZING. So be sure to check those out too!!)

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  1. Loved reading this!!!! The first full book in Quiet Valor is the only one of her stories I’ve read (and it’s one of my favorite books!!!), but I really want to read Bridgers soon . . . *heart eyes* And, after your glowing reviews, some of the others are on my TBR!!! 😀

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