Hello, 2021, the Year of Progression

Well, here we are. 2021.

It didn’t start off glamorously. In fact, I welcomed it in with anxiety. I’ve never been afraid of a year before. I always loved new years because they were new beginnings. But this year, I was scared. I was holding on to December as long as I could. I was afraid to move on. I was afraid of what 2021 might bring me. I was facing my old enemy the Unknown again.

So, feeling just a little on the verge of a panic attack, I went to bed and then tried to think of something nice and calm to read and relax.

I took a look at ebooks and then decided, “Hey, it’s a new day now and I have this new plan I’m starting on YouVersion with my friend, why not do it now and get it done?”

So I read January 1st’s devotional.

And it was all about our lives not being for us but for God.

um, yeah. I needed that reminder. I needed the reminder that everything would be okay if I just followed the Lord. And that He has the plans.

I don’t know what’s up for 2021. I do know I will be doing 2 semesters of university (Copyediting II & III) and then I plan to take a break for the summer, maybe volunteer at a library or something, idk. Then I have a semester or two on marketing my copyediting business. My mother also gave me some ideas about a side job, like creating a history course.

I have no clue what’s up, other than that. But even that is a little okay. Maybe I don’t need to have plans or know what’s coming up. Maybe I can just take things as they come because they all come from my Father’s hand.

As far as goals and aspirations:

2021 Goals are pretty well set out.


  • Read & review 365 books or more.
  • Read an equal amount of new books & rereads.
  • Read lots of classics & poetry & nonfiction.
  • Read all the print books on my shelf.
  • Make a dent on my kindle TBR.
  • Make a dent on my Archive TBR.
  • Participate in the Read Another Page 2021 Reading Challenge.
  • Participate in REMO 2021.
  • Finish some book series I started & read a couple books I didn’t get to in 2020.


  • Have 3 reviews a week go up on OFBL.
  • Post once a week on LBFJ; have said posts ready a lot in advance.
  • Keep a running list of ideas & work on them.
  • Do lots of tags, because I have tons and I love them. (Sorry if you don’t.)
  • Keep up with comments & other blogs ;P
  • And actually get my schedule set up for both blogs ;P

We’ll see how much of that gets accomplished. 😉


  • Keep up the daily posts on LBFJ’s instagram.
  • Quit worrying about having short posts.
  • Quit worrying about people following or interacting or anything like that.
  • Cut down posts on OFBL to whatever amount is doable on a given week.
  • Keep running lists of ideas for both accounts.
  • Keep atop of comments & posts instead of letting them pile up.

Again, we’ll see what happens. 🙂


  • Write The Colour Yellow; word goal: 70-90k.
  • Write The Colour of Kurisumasu (& learn how to spell it); word goal: 20k.
  • Write The Colour of Navidad; word goal: 20k.
  • Make covers for the Christmas novellas. (Totally a writing thing.)
  • Write 100 words a day in either fiction or posts.

Personal (Productivity):

  • Read & meditate on the Bible every day. Also read a Psalm a day, keep atop of the devotionals I do, etc.
  • Pray every day for at least 10 minutes. (I suck at praying. It’s really hard for me to get rid of the idea that since God knows everything why do I have to tell Him. I know, totally wrong. Working on it.)
  • Do well in college. XP
  • Use my bullet journal, have a schedule, that sort of thing. Be organized.
  • Keep my space clean.
  • Drink my daily amount of water.
  • Eat less.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Journal daily.
  • Spend more time outdoors & enjoying the creation.


  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude/thankfulness, joy, peace, & contentment.
  • Be more loving.
  • Remember that “they also serve who only stand & wait” & “there is an earnest need for prayer.”
  • Forgive fully & more easily.
  • Worry less about others’ opinions & focus on God’s.
  • Focus less on myself & more on God.
  • Work on building a better lifestyle, basically. Aka work on my flaws.
  • Remember it’s all Him.

Ambitious goals, but I mean to try. I want to keep moving forwards. I don’t want to go any further back. I’ve changed–I want to keep changing. Keep getting better. I want progression.

My hymn for 2021 is “Father, I Know That All My Life.”

Father, I know that all my life
Is portioned out for me,
And the changes that are sure to come
I do not fear to see;
But I ask Thee for a present mind
Intent on pleasing Thee.

I ask Thee for a thoughtful love,
Through constant watching wise,
To meet the glad with joyful smiles,
And to wipe the weeping eyes;
And a heart at leisure from itself,
To soothe and sympathize.

I would not have the restless will
That hurries to and fro,
Seeking for some great thing to do
Or secret thing to know;
I would be treated as a child,
And guided where I go.

Wherever in the world I am,
In whatsoe’er estate,
I have a fellowship with hearts
To keep and cultivate;
And a work of lowly love to do
For the Lord on whom I wait.

So I ask Thee for daily strength,
To none that ask denied,
And a mind to blend with outward life
While keeping at Thy side;
Content to fill a little space,
If Thou be glorified.

And if some things I do not ask
In my cup of blessing be,
I would have my spirit filled the more
With grateful love to Thee,
More careful, not to serve Thee much,
But to please Thee perfectly.

There are briers besetting every path
That call for patient care;
There is a cross in every lot,
And an earnest need for prayer;
But a lowly heart that leans on Thee
Is happy anywhere.

In a service which Thy will appoints
There are no bonds for me;
For my inmost heart is taught “the truth”
That makes Thy children “free.”
And a life of self renouncing love
Is a life of liberty.

And my word for the year, as you guessed, is Progression. The process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state. The action or process of progressingadvancing.

My scripture? “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Hebrews 12:1-2).

Press on.

Run the race.


Move forwards.

That’s what I want to do in 2021, by the grace of my God & the strength of my Saviour.

Published by Katja L.

Hello! :) I'm Katja. I'm a Canadian bibliophile, book reviewer, writer, and child of God. I love too many things to name, but among them are chocolate, heirlooms, history, fancy handwriting, grammar & punctuation, laughter, tearjerking books, lists, organized bookshelves, pink roses, flowing skirts, hymns, and pretty much anything old-fashioned, beautiful, & classy.

8 thoughts on “Hello, 2021, the Year of Progression

  1. Aw, this is such a sweet post.

    “I was facing my old enemy the Unknown again.”

    And that is such a relatable quote, Katja! I’m struggling with some of that too. ❤ But I agree with you that we're living for Jesus! We can push forward!

    I hope your goals go amazingly well and that you will have an AWESOME time in college! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I just found your blog through Read Another Page! I really enjoyed reading some of your goals for 2021. And that hymn you shared was beautiful!! I just started a hymn challenge on my blog this year, and I want to see if I can find that one and use it. Thank you for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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