8 Books to Read in Spring // 2021 Edition

And we are continuing the series!! 😀 Past posts in this series can be seen here.

1. The Canada Geese Quilt.

I was first attracted to this book by the cover, which really reminded me of Sarah, Plain & Tall. I found that the story made me think a lot of Sarah P&T too! It’s set in the Prairies somewhere, after World War I. It’s amazingly well written, easy for beginning readers but suited to readers of all ages. Ariel was super sweet and I absolutely loved her relationship with her grandma! This story is one about life moving on and life being worth living; about hope and new beginnings and miracles. It’s very springy in feeling to me… The end made me tear up, and I teared up again retelling the story to my mother (she did too!). What a sweet, sweet book!

2. Sarah, Plain & Tall.

This is such a sweet, lovely book. It’s written simply enough for first-graders to read but it’s beautiful enough and written well enough for any age to read and enjoy. I loved the descriptions, the gentle pathos and humour… Anna & Caleb’s relationship was darling, and I loved Sarah… This book was just so sweet. I am so eager to read the next books in the series.

3. The Railway Children.

How I love this book! It is easily in my Top 10 All-Time Favourites list. The children are so sweet and loveable and funny and realistic—I love them all. Mother is simply wonderful, and all the other characters are perfect in their way too. (There are a couple instances where the children say the trains/railway are magic/enchanted; also a mention of bargees drinking beer together.) There are so many hilarious quotes in this book, it was terribly hard to pick one! It is so beautiful! I’m not sure how many times I’ve read it but I still laugh aloud at certain speeches. 😉 This is definitely my absolutely-everyone-should-read-this book. Just simply wonderful!! <33

4. The Melendy Family Series.

The Saturdays: Oh my heart, what a sweet story! This book really reminds me of “The Railway Children” and “The Bastable Children Series,” and the original “Boxcar Children,” a little. It’s just so sweet and lovely! My only complaint is that there is a lot of euphemisms for a kids’ books—even like “my gosh.” Otherwise, it’s just lovely. The four children had a lovely relationship and they were all so realistic and loveable. Father was just amazing, and Cuffy… well, you can’t help loving Cuffy! Oliver just may have been my favourite 😉 such a cutie! The storyline was lovely—relaxed but also exciting. I’m so eager to read the next book in this series!

The Four-Story Mistake: Oh, I did love this book! I think it’s even better than book one! It was lovely to see the children again. I felt really almost as sad as Randy at the family’s leaving their old house… but oh, I loved the new one! It’s just lovely! This story was even funnier and sweeter than book one. The children are just so realistic… and the new characters are just perfect. And there were very few euphemisms, which I really appreciated. The descriptions are amazing, too… I just loved this book so much!! Highly recommended for anyone who loves family relationships, real life, humour, whimsical beauty, and good writing.

Then There Were Five:  I think these books just get better and better!! I loved this one even more than I loved book 2. The spacing between the books is excellent, and I really enjoy seeing the children grow up. Also, Mark. He is just super sweet and amazing. <33 There were some euphemisms; also a tragical death that bothered even me for a bit, so I don’t recommend this book for kids, unless you edit that part out (it’s really not very major). The descriptions of the surrounds are just simply beautiful, and the whimsical, old-fashioned feeling of the books just gets stronger… and I think the humour gets better and better. 😉 This book made me laugh even more than books 1 & 2. And the town is just so sweet. I’m having a really hard time with these reviews… I loved these books so much!

Spiderweb for Two: My word, this book was hilarious! I laughed aloud so often. Oliver always was my favourite and he just gets better and better. 😉 I enjoyed the mystery/treasure hunt quite as much as Randy & Oliver, and I hadn’t nailed things either, so it was fun to be surprised! There were a lot of euphemisms in this book, also a scary incident with a nasty armed butcher, so I don’t recommend this book for kids either. I loved seeing the Melendys again (even if half of them aren’t there…) and really, this family is just so real and loveable! And Cuffy and Willy were always amazing, but they’re extra amazing in this book. 😉 And for the record, this series has the best endings. 😉 I just can’t wait to reread it again!

5. What Katy Did Series.

What Katy Did: I love this book so, so much. I love how it takes a flawed character and traces her path to greater godliness. I relate a lot to Katy and honestly she is a model. I don’t love female characters, but Katy I love so much. There are a few mentions of fairies, & a glass of wine to be added to some food, but that’s all. I love all the other characters too, and the sibling relationships, and theme, and humour… it’s simply an amazing book!

What Katy Did at School: I love this book!! It is so funny and light-hearted, but with good lessons, though I don’t agree with every single thing. Clover is a dear, and Katy is such a sweet heart—and I love how she has grown and matured even more. The other girls are all fun new characters, too. An excellent sequel—and don’t let the ending fool you! 😉

Curly Locks: I don’t actually have a review for this one yet. But it’s also really good. 😉

What Katy Did Next: I think this is my favourite “What Katy Did” book. The descriptions of Europe are so well done, one feel as if one were traveling along with Katy. I was delighted with her bookish outlook and certainly felt a strong wish to travel to England myself. The descriptions of nature and the cities are lovely, those of the people very humourous. And the Lieutenant is wonderful. ❤ The whole book is simply delightful, and I love it. ^_^

Clover: The last books are even better than the first and second books, in my opinion! I love this story so much. Katy’s wedding was so sweet! I loved seeing Clover handle the whole trip & settling down in Colorado. It was lovely to see Clarence again, & Geoff is such a nice man. I loved the humour, the gorgeous scenery, seeing Rose Red… it was just such a sweet, lovely tale & the perfect continuation of the series! 

In the High Valley: This is the last What Katy Did book—and it brought the series to an end perfectly. Each sister and her husband make the perfect pair (I love the relationship between Elsie and her husband so much). I also love how it gives us a glimpse of Phil’s marriage without doing the “this is how they all ended” wrap-up. I was disappointed in Imogen, because I expected to love her and didn’t, but Clover and Elsie were lovely and so were Geoff and Clarence. ❤ The author did a splendid job with making all her characters grow up. The What Katy Did Series stand among my top favourite series. ❤

6. The Singing Tree.

Oh, how good this book was. I’m having difficulty writing this review. It was just so beautiful and quaint and old-fashioned and happy and sunshiny… I think “beautiful” just sums it up. It was very funny at times, but mostly it tugged at my heart so much. I loved seeing how the war affected them… You don’t often see books from the German POV instead of the Allied one. It was just an amazing, amazing book. I loved everyone… all the character were so real and strong and noble. The stress it lays upon how horrible war is and how the enemy is really people just like us… The big Russians and the tiny German children… my heart. <33 It is brilliantly well-written, and is just so full of truth and beauty and wisdom. I could ramble on but I’ll just say, it is amazing and beautiful and I ended up teary-eyed at the end. <33 Hands-down one of my top 10 favourite books. 

7. Jingo Django.

The first chapter of this book had me rather uncertain. As soon as Mr. Peacock-Hemlock-Jones appeared, though, I was hooked. Sid Fleischman has a great gift for writing boy-man relationship/friendships, and his male main characters are always so funny, intriguing, & fascinating! Mr. Peacock-Hemlock-Jones was a complete puzzle and I was really baffled by what was going on until the very end. There is some lying in this book, & there may be a few euphemisms; I don’t quite remember. Tornapo was an amazing character; really, such a good, wise man. And so was Sacki. I found this book just as humorous and intriguing as I expected, and even better than I hoped. <33

8. By the Great Horn Spoon!

This story is hilarious! From the very first page I was laughing. I absolutely love Praiseworthy. He clung so hard to his butler-ness but he made an awesome forty-niner. 😉 There were a few euphemisms, if I remember correctly, but at any rate there was certainly one blasphemy in French. The miners were all hilarious and Jack himself was awesome. This story was pure comedy and fun, but it did have a touch of romance, which was sweet. This is a short book but it’s very funny, interesting, and enjoyable. I think it would make a great family read-aloud, but it’s really a great read for all ages.

Now it’s your turn! Have you read any of these? Do you plan to? What are your favourite spring reads?

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