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Ships, & Shoes, & Sealing-Wax, & Cabbages, & Kings—oh my!

Which is another way of saying I have a random bunch of exciting stuff to tell you.

I’m always quoting that line from Lewis Carroll whenever anyone talks of random stuff. XD My mother says she feels sad for people who don’t have someone like me. My siblings, I’m sure, would tell you to count yourself blessed. XD

Anyhow! On to the exciting information.


That’s right, ladies!!!! The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is open again. Camp runs for the full month of April. Registration begins March 18th (THAT’S TODAY), and the camp gates will open on March 25.

Okay, so the registration form is here, and all the info about camp is there too. I also wrote a bit about KDWC before so here’s my intro post about it: Why I No Longer Do NaNoWriMo + My Alternative.

~ Victory’s Voice is LIVE!!!

Victory’s Voice, by Erika Mathews, has just been released and is on sale for $5.07 CAN ($3.99 US). I’m on the launch team. My review will post over at my other blog Old-Fashioned Book Love on the 20th, and then I’ll have a super fun character interview with my favourite character here on March 25th. Stay tuned.

And if you haven’t read book 1, Promise’s Prayer, yet—go do so. It. is. amazingggggg. My review →

~ I’m Hosting a Readathon!!!

You read that right. Go to this page for more information. But here’s a quick recap.

~A Readathon is reading a set number of books in a given time.
~ It runs from now to April 3, but you can start whenever you like.
~ You pick your goal. Pages, hours, number of books, whatever.
~ You clock in when you like.
The goal is just to make reading time & not spend as much time on TV or pinterest or whatever distracts you a lot from reading. 😉

Check the page for the How. 😉

~ Kellyn Roth is Releasing a New Book!!!

Yasss, folks! I read The Dressmaker’s Secret and enjoyed it (recommended for ages 18+ though). But Ivy Introspective was even better, and Becoming Miss Knight was the icing on the cake. So I am super excited for At Her Fingertips!!

Go ahead and check my reviews and the book blurbs (all the links above lead to that). If you’re interested, here is the launch tour sign-up form. I’m going to quote what she says…

You may be looking at the multitude of options in this form and thinking, “Wow, there are a lot of options! Almost a multitude, in fact!”
It may look like a huge scary commitment to fill out this form and join the launch team. But I promise it’s not.
Though I will be adding everyone who’s willing to a Slack community (which is, by the way, optional), you can put as much or as little time into this as you want.
If you’d rather just be left out of the festivities at large, that’s absolutely fine. I won’t be spamming anyone, and most of the commitments are small (e.g. the media team is only asked to post once on one social media channel sometime within ). Anything else I ask for is extra!

Also, there are options to

  • Share about the book on your social media or email list during the launch period (July-August)
  • Review the book on Amazon and/or Goodreads
  • Join the blog tour
  • Join the Instagram tag
  • Pray
  • Encourage

Kell is very laid-back and flexible about all this, and she even said you can resign or join in late if you need to. Anyhow, I recommend checking it out!

~ Angie Thompson Has a New Book Coming Out!!!

Guysssssssss. She has a new book coming out and it. is. fantabulous.

Twenty-five short reads inspired by themes from the Christmas story.
Celebrate the true spirit of the season with this collection of five-minute holiday stories. Perfect to pair with your morning coffee or binge-read while curled up with a favorite blanket on a snowy afternoon!
From a stately mansion to a rough barn, from a cheerful fireside to a lonely mountain road, from a chaotic church pageant to the grim aftermath of war, no heart is without its burden. But no trouble is too deep to be touched by the light of love and the warmth of Christmas.

I’ve read the stories. They’re amazing. It’s coming July 21st, so if you’re interested in a review copy and/or being part of the blog tour, sign up here

~ There’s a Book Sale on One of My Favourite Indie Books!!!

Thirteen-year-old Maria Mitchell, known to all as Ria, and her friend Lydia have been assigned to write a report on a hero or heroine of the Great War (World War I) for a school project. Instead of picking some well known figure, the two friends decide to search for someone forgotten or unknown. When asked to help, Emma Mitchell, Ria’s Mom, brings out old letters she and a cousin wrote during the war. The girls are sure the letters hold the key to their success of finding a forgotten hero! But will they? It that all that these letters bring to light? Join Ria and Lydia, Mrs. Mitchell, an old neighbor called Corporal, and others as they re-live the years of home life during the war.

This is on sale for $1.99 US (not on sale in Canada). It’s an amazing book, so go snag it!! Here’s my review. Yes, it’s an old review. Don’t cringe too hard.

~ Fanny’s Hope Chest is just $3.80 CAN ($2.99 US)!!!!

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, gooooooooo!!!!! It’s so good!!

How old is too old for a hope chest?
When Ellie starts a new job as a home health aid, she doesn’t expect to meet a woman in her eighties looking for her hope chest, nor a house as messy as Ellie’s own emotional state. But as she cleans up Fanny’s house, she begins to wonder if Fanny’s hope chest might hold the answers to her questions about disappointed dreams and holding on to hope.
That is, if she can face both the mess and her own heart.

My review is here.

And I think that’s all the exciting news I have for you. Whew. You’re welcome.

Have a lovely day!

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Hello! :) I'm Katja. I'm a Canadian bibliophile, book reviewer, writer, and child of God. I love too many things to name, but among them are chocolate, heirlooms, history, fancy handwriting, grammar & punctuation, laughter, tearjerking books, lists, organized bookshelves, pink roses, flowing skirts, hymns, and pretty much anything old-fashioned, beautiful, & classy.

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