Chat With Wyn-Wyn & Kat-Kats // Victory’s Voice Launch Tour

Hey guys!!! If you’ve somehow managed to miss it, the launch tour for Victory’s Voice is still going strong.

I posted my review over at Old-Fashioned Book Love, so you can head over there and check it out. I’ll add more info about the book at the bottom of this post.

But for now, let’s welcome one of my favourite characters in the whole book: WYN! I love Wyn, and I hope you will too soon. 😉


Aethelwyn (Wyn)

Age: 19

Height: 5’ 6”

Hair: black and curly

Eyes: dark brown

Home: Syorien, the capital city of Taerna

Family: unknown

Personality: bubbly, talkative, smiley, friendly, extroverted. Willing to listen and change her mind. Willing to be honest about herself and her feelings. Wyn has the habit of saying what pops into her mind in a quirky way.

Occupation: Academy student

Author notes: Wyn didn’t exist until a later draft of Victory’s Voice. As I was writing Ellisia’s character growth past the halfway point of the book, I realized she needed some friends—some people at Academy to encourage her in her spiritual walk, not discourage her. A Pinterest search revealed an image that inspired Anni, the singer, and once Anni stepped onto the page, she dragged Wyn right along with her.


And I’m so glad she did! Wyn nearly wrote herself. Her conversations, mannerisms, and dialogue were the most natural thing in the world, and perhaps the easiest and most fun part of writing Victory’s Voice. I enjoyed writing a character who was seeking Adon Olam with an open heart but hadn’t quite found Him yet. Even in the short time we have with Wyn, I loved writing her character arc and seeing her growth. She has the most fun way of speaking, and she ended up being the perfect companion for Ellisia in the all-important chapters 26 and 27. And perhaps someday Wyn will have her own book.

Favorite quotes by Wyn in Victory’s Voice:
“Oh, you know you ought! Can’t come to the Spring Festival and not have a lemon pastry. By the by, Adon Olam still owes me one. I haven’t seen Him anywhere doing anything since that night at Anni’s. I’m still reading that Book I got, but it’s on Him. I told Him I’m giving Him till the end of the spring term, and then if He hasn’t showed up yet, I get to reevaluate.”
Ellisia shrugged, not quite willing to agree with Wyn’s flippant way of speaking, yet at the same time adoring the passion for Adon Olam concealed beneath the casual words. Somehow, deep within Wyn’s heart, lay a genuine love for Adon Olam mingled with the very natural doubts of human nature. One couldn’t help but admire her very Wyn-ness. But Wyn still spoke.
“You know, I was reading just this morning, and did you know that Yeshua says, ‘I am the resurrection and the life’? Never knew that. I thought He did the resurrection, and He has life, but He is? Strange way of speaking that one had. You know what else He said? ‘I am the good shepherd,’ and far as I can tell, He never had any actual bleating sheep. And a few days ago, ‘I am the bread. Eat me.’ Never heard anyone talk like that!”
“He listened to His Father,” Ellisia remarked.
“Well, perhaps if we listened a whole lot better, we’d talk a whole lot stranger.” Wyn glided to the table to nip up another lemon pastry.

[Heeheehee, she’s so fun XD]

“Sure thing, Lise-lise. Wyn-wyn’s here.” The petite dark figure clasped her hands tightly together, her eyes shutting at once and her lips moving in silent prayer. Then her eyes popped open. “Nope. Got that one wrong again. Adon Olam’s here. No worries.” The eyes shut.
Ellisia couldn’t help a smile. Praise Adon Olam for Aethelwyn.

[I wanna remember that <33 It struck me hard when I first read it. I needed the reminder.]

A light sparked in Wyn’s dark eyes. “Lise-lise?”
“Yes?” Ellisia caught her breath.
Wyn’s eyebrow quirked. “Got to remember. We’re the attacker. We don’t walk into this saying, ‘Here comes the darkness.’”
Ellisia blinked, uncomprehending.
“The darkness backs up and says, ‘Here comes the light!’” And Wyn spun, bounding down the wide steps two at a time.


Fun fact: Wyn’s name appears 61 times in Victory’s Voice.

Doesn’t she sound awesome? She really is. She is seriously one of my favourite female characters ever. XD XD She makes me smile so big!!

And now…. The Really Fun Part:


*Katja steps onto stage, sits down on sofa, and adjusts microphone* So, Wyn was super sweet and let me interview her even if I forgot to ask if I could until a couple days before the tour started. XD So let’s give her a big welcome!!

*leads off a round of clapping as Wyn comes on stage, grinning* Wyn!! Thank you so much for joining me today on Little Blossoms for Jesus!

Wyn: *sits down* Oh, eee! I’m so happy to be here! It’s so different from Taerna, and I love seeing new places and meeting new people! Thank you, everyone, and especially to you, Kat-Kats. I may call you that? You don’t mind? I always do, you know. 

Katja: Of course! You know, that’s one of my favourite things about you. 😉 I love nicknames and I find it so sweet you give everyone a nickname! 

So… *glances at paper because she doesn’t trust her memory* Since our audience just learned all the basics about you, let’s get right down to the fun questions. So, first question: Do you know what your name means? Is it from any particular cultural root?

Wyn: My folks always told me Aethelwyn means “noble and blessed.” I know it’s an old name—older than Taerna, at any rate, though I don’t know much about such things. Ellisia could probably tell you—or if she couldn’t, she go figure it out. So I’m double-blessed when they call me Wyn-wyn!

Katja: Haha, I love that!! Such a special meaning. I have an obsession with name meanings and roots, so I just might do some digging myself for fun! 😉

Next question: if you weren’t a cello student/musician, what would you like to be?

Wyn: Ohhh, that’s a good question! I haven’t thought too much about that one. I always wanted to be a cellist. Didn’t have much time to think of something else—just knew I didn’t want nursing, by any means. Maybe . . . some kind of traveling salesperson or something. I’d like to bring something to people around the country. Not sure what. I know, music lessons! If I wasn’t a cello student, I could be a cello teacher! Ha!

Katja: You would make a fantabulous sales person, I’m sure. XD But you would be a stunning teacher too! Too bad you don’t teach piano; I’m sure you could finally make me learn piano! 

Okay, so I know you like Bible verses. Do you have a favourite Bible verse you could share with us?

Wyn: A favourite . . . I really like the one Lise-lise quoted to me that one day—how did it start! Oh! Of course! “As a prince, thou hast power with Adon Olam and with men, and hast prevailed.” Something like that, anyway. Can’t believe He just—you know—says that! I, little ol’ Wyn-wyn, have power with HIM? But He does say it, so it is, and I get to claim it and live it. Lise-lise says it’s prayer—asking Him, you know.

Katja: Well, I’m also obsessed with references, so let me check really quick what verse that is…. *types frantically on phone while Wyn waits and smiles at the audience* Ah! It’s Genesis 32:28. Wow, yes! I never thought much of that verse but I love what you have to say about it. It’s amazing that we have access to Adon Olam and can talk to Him!

Now this is my favourite question. ;D What is your favourite thing about Ellisia? What drew you to her in the first place? And is it cheating to have two questions at once?? 😉

Wyn: Haha! Favourite thing, eh? I like everything about Lise-lise! I especially liked—that first day, you know—how her eyes sparkled and flashed when she spoke about Adon Olam. She has no idea how alive and just—vivacious—she looks when she’s really interested in her topic. I’ve never seen someone so enthusiastic to talk about Him the first time we met—especially since I couldn’t add much to the conversation at that point. I’m always amazed at her speaking—she doesn’t talk like I do, you know—she’s much quieter, but her words are wiser, and somehow people listen well to her. I’d love to figure out how to be effective in so few words, but that’s Lise-lise. Not me. I’ve got the words the cello sings out.

Katja: Well, I think you have a pretty effective way of speaking yourself. 😉 I love what you say about Lise—I love people who get all passionate and enthusiastic, especially about Adon Olam! I hope I do that too. I try, anyhow. 😉

This is a more boring question, but I’m curious… what’s your favourite meal?

Wyn: Lemon pastries, of course! 

Katja: *smirks* That makes sense… but….  

Wyn: Oh, you meant a meal? I like rice with roasted vegetables and curry. They do that meal every week at Academy, and sometimes I count down the days. But even that can’t top a good homemade lemon pastry . . .

Okay, I love lemon pastries too. Wow, we are so alike! I didn’t notice that. No wonder we get along so well! 😉 I’m going to miss you when you go!! *pouts* Speaking of which—I’m pretty sure you’re an extrovert, but I’ll ask anyways—actually, it’s just that I ran out of questions because I am not good at thinking things like that up. I’m also good at rambling. BUT. Question. Do you prefer to be alone or with people?

Wyn: With people, of course! I love people! Everyone is so unique, and I can’t get enough of studying them.

Katja: AHHHH YESSSSS! I agree so much!! I love people and I love how unique they are, and I LOVE studying them!! *high-fives Wyn*

Okay, so another boring question—I’m really going to have to work harder on this next time—how long have you been studying the cello?

Wyn: Four years, perhaps? That’s just for the playing. I’ve only been studying here for two years. I have one more, but perhaps I’ll do another. Or even two more. I’m not sure yet. There are so many possibilities…

Katja: I can relate to that so much. You just want to keep learning!! There’s so much to learn!! 

Now a fun question again. On a scale of one to ten, with Ellisia being ten ;), how much of a reader are you?

Wyn: Oh, Ellisia’s a ten, yes! 

Katja: *whispers* even more than I am…. 

Wyn: Me? I don’t know. Maybe a five? Reading is all right, but it isn’t my favorite. There are books I enjoy, but mostly only the most important ones.

Katja: Good for you. 😉 Reading is important, but so are other things, and we need all sorts of people to make a world, right!? 

So, I am not much of a nature girl in theory, but from what I know of you, I’m sure you like the outdoors. Have you a favourite flower or animal or something like that? (Wow, is that question ever vague… Katja really needs to work on doing more interviews.)

Wyn:There isn’t much I don’t like! 

Katja: *laughs* How surprising! 

Wyn: But I especially like daffodils. There’s just something about their cheery yellow blooms. It makes my heart dance every spring-time.

Katja: Ahhhh, I love daffodils!! Have you ever—no, I suppose you haven’t. But I was going to say, I love A.A. Milne’s poem on Daffodils. Do you mind if I go ahead and recite it?

*winks at audience*

It’s so beautiful, I’m just going to go ahead and say it. ^_^

She wore her yellow sun-bonnet, 

She wore her greenest gown; 

She turned to the south wind 

And curtsied up and down. 

She turned to the sunlight 

And shook her yellow head, 

And whispered to her neighbour: 

“Winter is dead.” 

*shivers happily* isn’t it lovely??

Okay, so final question, because I’m sure you (and our audience) have a lot of things to do. One of my favourite things about you, Wyn, is your deep love for Adon Olam. Can you tell us what is your favourite thing about Him is?

Wyn: Oh, I like discovering all the ways He likes to surprise His children! Whether it’s finding a daffodil on a snowy day, or seeing Him show up in a conversation, or finding a passage of His Word that fits with what I’m facing—I love that about Him! He says He wants to show Himself strong, and He’s here, so let’s live life right alongside of Him. I mean, inside of Him!

Katja: *beams* Yesssss, girl!!! That’s one of my favourite things too. Thank you for sharing that!

Okay, I think that wraps it up!! Wyn, thank you SO much for joining me today!!

Wyn: You are welcome, any day! It’s been so fun to chat with you! If you ever make it out to Syorien, be sure to look me up!

Katja: Aww, thank you!! I would love to meet you. 😉 *turns and faces audience* All right, ladies and gentlemen, I have no idea how to end this interview, so let’s just blunder through it. Thank you for joining me in welcoming Wyn, and for listening to our interview. I hope you all have a blessed day, and please take a quick look at the information booth set up in the corner! Goodbye! 

Wyn: Now let’s go watch Adon Olam do something!

*Katja leads off a final round of clapping*


 A new Christian kingdom adventure fiction novel hits the shelves! Victory’s Voice by Erika Mathews, an indie author of Christian fiction and non-fiction for all ages, is book two in the Truth from Taerna Series.

When an extroverted bookworm discovers the hidden power of spoken words, death and life tremble in the balance on the tip of her tongue. But not only figuratively.

At seventeen, Ellisia’s passion for learning and books dominates her small-town existence. No wonder she’s elated when an opportunity to attend Academy arises: she can finally fulfill her lifelong goals to further her education and see the famed Palace BookHall. But as she begins to discover the true power of the spoken word, she faces a choice: join forces with a foreign physicist or relinquish her dream to someday work in the BookHall. Loyalties and ambitions war within Ellisia once the scientist’s projects begin to threaten her family’s safety. When impending crisis brings a clash of spiritual kingdoms, Ellisia must once for all choose how she’ll harness the power of words. Spoken words transcend her reality, uniting heavenly with earthly and commanding the forces that drive the physical world, and Ellisia’s voice will be the catalyst for sure defeat—or decisive victory.

Released March 18, 2021


Erika Mathews is an author and editor who lives in the farm country of Minnesota with her husband and children. She’s a homeschool graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications, a Master’s in Biblical Ministries, and a passion for sharing Jesus Christ and His truth. When she’s not working with books, she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, piano and violin, organizing, and using the Oxford comma. You can connect with Erika at








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And there you are, folks!!! Go forth and read! 😀

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