Interview with #MyJay // Meet My WIP Series

SO you may have forgotten by now, since it’s been a while, but I am doing a post a month on my WIP series, which I hope to launch this summer. The series is ongoing up to the launch and has its own tag, so you can stay atop of things. And the first post we did was on Jay. I could talk for a long time about Jay and not explain it all. Besides, I promised you an interview. So here goes 😉

^^ the previous post in case you missed it.

Interview With Jay Randall

BY THE WAY just so you know these questions will be answered by the Jay from The Colour Yellow, which is my current WIP 😉 All answers may not be accurate to him in Colour Red or Colour Blue.

Katja: *steps onto stage and sits down on sofa* All right, ladies and gentlemen… this time you wont have to put up with my subpar interview skills, since some lovely ladies out in the audience gave most of the questions. 😉 Though I may add a few of my own! At any rate, please welcome our guest, Jason Randall! *leads off a round of applause*

*Jay comes in, waves shyly to audience, sits down on chair opposite me, and stares at the floor*

Katja: So, Jason… do you prefer to be called Jay or Jason?

Jay: Definitely Jay, please.

Katja: Got it. So let’s get right down to the interview. We won’t have an introduction or anything, since if the readers checked the previous post they know all about you.

*Jay nods*

Our first question is from Courtenay Burden, and it is: “What does Jay want most in the world? (And the answer had better not be a pair of bootlaces!)”

*Jay laughs*

Jay: That was from Little Women, wasn’t it?

Katja: You’ve read Little Women?!

Jay: *ducks shyly* It’s a book… I mean… books are for reading. And it’s a good book.

Katja: Little Women is seriously one of my favourite books so I’m thrilled you read it. Back to the question though… what do you want most in the world?

Jay: So… does that mean just physical stuff? Or really anything?

Katja: Why don’t you go ahead and say both?

Jay: Okay, so… the physical thing I would like most in the world is probably something from my Mummy or Dad. Like… I don’t know what happened to their stuff after they… died. I don’t think Leeam got it. I don’t know if they have anything at all left down here, but I really, really wish I had something from them… even like just a paper or a shoe or something. That, and something from—Leeam. *ducks head and swallows hard*

Katja: That makes sense. *moves on quickly before Jay can get upset* Our next question is from Chelsea Burden and she asks, “What does Jay want to do when he grows up????!”

Jay: Honestly… I don’t know? I can’t see that far ahead. Right now I am barely just learning how to be able to exist while separated from my family. I can’t even contemplate having to have a job and work somewhere every day, all alone. *shivers a bit and looks towards the audience, where Orlando gives him a smile and a thumbs-up. Jay looks down, gathers courage, and looks up again* I guess… if I really think about it… I want to be a father with lots of kids. I really don’t know about a job though, I mean…

Katja: Okay! That’s fine! You’ve got quite a ways to go anyways; you’re only 14, right? *Jay nods* Okay, so Courtenay has another question: “What colour is your toothbrush?”

Jay: Blue.

Katja: *grins* I should have guessed that one. The next questions are from Charis: “What is Jay’s favorite book, and what is Jay’s favorite ice cream flavor?”

Jay: This might sound cliché or something but really, my favourite book is the Bible. I mean… it’s just amazing and gorgeous and so, so, so good… really, if we could just live our lives exactly as the Bible says we would be so happy. But as far as human books go… wait, that’s probably not a word…

Katja: That’s fine! We all get what you mean!

Jay: My favourite novel is hands-down Bridgers, by Angie Thompson… it’s a book I really relate to. I really relate to Levi and his arc, but also to DaVonte… I don’t know, it really impacted me, and it’s got an excellent message, awesome characters, and a great writing style. My favourite nonfiction would probably be Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy, which you’ve probably not heard about—I have a thing for more obscure books—but I loved it and really relate to Syvia and the things she went through…

Katja: Totally have to reread that book. Okay, next question, Courtenay again: “If you were shipwrecked on a desert island, and could only save five items, what would they be?”

Jay: Ohhhh… would everyone else be safe?

Katja: I’m assuming you would be alone.

Jay: Okay, well… I’d save my Bible… my favourite verses/hymns notebook… the keychain Daddy gave me… Bridgers… and… my blue blanket.

Katja: Perfect!! Okay, next question from Cheyenne Arrow: “Why is your BF, your BF?” Ooo! First we have a question by Courtenay: “Does Jay HAVE a best friend?”

Jay: I would say that Orlando is my best friend…? I mean… here on earth of course. Like… my author just told me I’ll be having a best friend soon, but I find it had to believe I’ll be closer to that guy than to Orlando? But… oh, she says yes I will have a best friend soon and yes I will get really close to them, in a different way than Orlando. Um… and she says the reason M will be my best friend is because he and I will be super different but balance each other really well and help each other out and grow together in Jesus and have a lot of fun and stuff.

Katja: Sounds like a recipe for success! Next question from Cheyenne Arrow again: “Do you talk to strangers?”

Jay: It depends? I mean, if I have to? But not if I don’t have to? I don’t like strangers…

Katja: Makes sense to me. One more question from Cheyenne Arrow: “Are you annoying?  (Honestly now).”

Jay: I’ve been told that some people find the fact that I’m really slow to change and to trust people super annoying; also the fact that I’m very emotional. That’s not really stuff I can control, though, with my PTSD, so… I don’t know? My family and friends never said I annoyed them… the only person would maybe be *swallows* Hugo?

Katja: *hurries on again before Jay can get upset* Next question by Chelsea: “If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be??”

Jay: Oh! Um… I don’t know?? Maybe an apple, because I’m so unexciting and bland? Or a raspberry, because I fall in pieces easily? A strawberry, because I’m easily crushed? I don’t know?

Katja: Honestly, I have no clue either! Question from Adelaide: “Who has the biggest impact on your life?”

Jay: *deep breath* It probably lies between Daddy and Orlando? Um… Orlando is the one who brought me to Jesus and really helped me learn to trust people… but Daddy helped me deal with a lot of my fear and distrust in a different way, so… I would have to say both, really.

Katja: That is super sweet. Okay, couple questions from Ryana Lynn: “Favorite snack? Do you want to have a pet someday?”

Jay: My favourite snack would probably be oranges. They’re sweet but not too sweet, and I once had them with Leeam, one Christmas, and it’s just a really special memory for me and one that I always think of when I smell or eat oranges. As for a pet… well, I’m getting used to dogs, so I kinda think having a cute little puppy would be super fun, or maybe a cat? I like animals, I’m just a little scared of them, so… I don’t know.

Katja: My sentiments exactly! Question from Leona: “What is your favorite animal?”

Jay: I love elephants a lot… they’re just so amazing and wise-looking and quiet and gentle… and really awesome. I like dolphins very much too. They’re so pretty and—they’re blue!

Katja: I should have seen that coming as well! Question from Akira: “Does it excite you to see your growth over the past years?”

Jay: Yes! I think it’s really exciting and encouraging to look back and see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed. It’s something really important to me and I am so grateful for my journey.

Katja: Okay, so let me do a final check for any last questions… nope, looks like we’re good. All right! Jay, thanks so much for joining me, and ladies, thanks so much for all the amazing questions!! See you later!!

*Jay waves and smiles*


Hope you enjoyed the interview! 🙂

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