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The Lost Review of Odd Books Blog Tour

Hey guys!! I am here today with a really special post all about a really special girl. Esther and I have been friends for… a year or so now?! She’s just really witty and funny and clever—she’s awesome. XD Esther has a lovely blog over at We’ve Got Pockets which I strongly recommend you to follow. But she is now launching a new book blog!! And I got to interview her about it!

Me: Can you give us a little introduction about yourself?

Esther: I’m Esther Jackson, I’m the second youngest of seven, and I grew up around books. (is that good enough???) I love reading all sorts of odd books and collecting good books for my niephlings and future children.

Growing up around books is the BESTTTT. And I love odd books. What gave you the idea for the Lost Review Of Odd Books blog?

I discovered that online book reviews were a thing and instantly wanted a decently large bookish platform to talk about A Book By Georgina. I’ve never done it justice, but an attempt will be up on the blog. The name comes from the fact that I like odd books and I feel like because of that my blog might get a little lost, you won’t come to me for the latest of any genre. And I hope that people find my blog because they’re looking for a review on an odd book they found and want to know if it’s any good.

This will be awesome!!! What exactly do you plan to go up there?

I’d like to earn book buying money from my blog. I’d like to eventually have a team of reviewers. I’d like to have a group of people around the world reading my recommendations. I’d like to see out of print but in copywrite books republished.

WOW. I love those goals!! I hope you reach them too! What are your five top favourite books… or at least five OF your favourite books?

I choose to only give you singular titles, no duologies, trilogies, or series. And only fiction books.

  1. Up A Road Slowly.
  2. A Book By Georgina.
  3. The Falcon & The Serpent.
  4. In Freedom’s Cause.
  5. The Pushcart War.

I’ve read book 1 and 4 and they are good. I totally have to read the others!! What genre(s) do you prefer?

Adventure, Mystery, School Stories, Fantasy.

Oh yesssss those are great genres! (Did I mention Esther and I have a lot of reading tastes in common?) Do you prefer new (written 1980s-now) books or old books (written from 1970s back to B.C.)? 
Old, but there are some modern authors I love.

Saaaame, girl. What’s one of your favourite reviews you’ve ever written?

Probably the one for Call The Nurse on Goodreads. Why do all Scottish books inpire these feelings in me???

Heeehee, I love your reviews. Have you a favourite author… or two? 

Annie Douglas Lima
Robert B. Sloan

I have yet to read both of those XD Is there a particular niche that you really like (for example, non-magical kingdom fiction, or 1950s mysteries with a girl main character…)?

 I adore city people coming to love the country and the work it takes to live there.

YESSS I AGREE. Are there any books coming out in 2021 that you’re anticipating? 

Turning the Storm (not that I’ve read the earlier books in the series, but it’s my Uncle’s so…) What is this??? His book is on Goodreads, it’s just not credited to him. I’m mad!

Treble Clef (I know this is a very odd series for someone like me to like, but I adore it)

I must admit I mostly don’t pay any attention to books that are coming out. Maybe I should add Oh, The Fallen, since I’ve an ARC of that too…

Oooo, those books look good!! I love OTF, not that I’m biased, haha. But I think you’ll like it….

All right, that wraps it up! Go check out Esther’s new blog, friends!!!!

Congratulations, Esther!!!!!

Published by Katja L.

Hello! :) I'm Katja. I'm a Canadian bibliophile, book reviewer, writer, and child of God. I love too many things to name, but among them are chocolate, heirlooms, history, fancy handwriting, grammar & punctuation, laughter, tearjerking books, lists, organized bookshelves, pink roses, flowing skirts, hymns, and pretty much anything old-fashioned, beautiful, & classy.

5 thoughts on “The Lost Review of Odd Books Blog Tour

  1. So for an early update on Treble Clef. What I’ve been expecting has come to pass (it’s a secular author of romance books, I knew we’d hear about lgbt soon) I am not certain if it’s ruining the series for me, I might ask the author about future ones… (I’m almost madder about the fact the we left some siblings behind and I doubt they will come back, if it weren’t trying so hard to be modern!)
    Okay I’ll give full spoilers. They are shape shifting aliens, who’ve been paired up to rebuild their race. I can kinda accept that they can totally control what they shift into. So I was afraid we’d be getting L from the blurb in the ARC, no, no, no, some how the guy alien shifted into a human girl and forgot everything. Clearly this plot is for the lgbt people. We’re currently in San Francisco, so that is annoying. But I knew the alien wasn’t going to be Dominic, but I wanted it to be him. It would have been a way more interesting plot. An Alien fallen in love with a human, but connected through wifi crystals to his better half. And as they are all aliens they are all orphans and I just want some siblings. We’ve not gotten much sibling plots and I want them. Dominic has a set of twim younger brothers and they could’ve added so much to the story.
    And can I complain about the fact that these two have left their loving families, small farming comunity, responsibilities, it’s been several days and they haven’t called to check in once??? Maybe my family is odd, but we check in as often as possible.

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