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August 2022 Wrap-up

If we’re being honest, I really have no clue what happened this month, but let’s give it a shot, hm?

(also I need to keep track of what actually happens 😆)

|| Highlights & Lowlights

// So I started the Clean & Christian Book Deals thingy. And it took way, way more time than I had expected. Three weeks in I was exhausted and felt like I had been doing it for months. That’s when Sendfox terminated my account for “triggering one of their violations” and I decided God was telling me to quit. It was a cool experience, and I would like to do it sometime again, but right now I haven’t the time. So if you haven’t had emails, sorry… this is why and I wasn’t able to get in touch because I had no back up list of my subscribers. 🙄

// I edited a book for a client and I can’t wait for it to come out, peeps, because it is EPIC. 😇 I got some testimonials and I am about to start building my editor website and I am so excited!!!! I love this job and I am so passionate about giving people good editors who know what they’re doing and are worth their salt. ❤

// I painted my nails red and they’ve stayed that colour for over two weeks… I love it, y’all. Gives me such a spark of joy every time I see my hands!! 🥰

// I started learning my times tables because I never learned them in school and I was tried of not knowing what 7×6 was. (It’s 54? 48? *counts* 42. So yeah, maybe I need to keep practising.) But at least I got the 12x table down! And I feel way more confident and able to figure out WHAT a given times problem is because I know so many of them (admittedly, the 7 and 8 times table are my biggest issues). 😝

I also started taking piano lessons (or at least practising, which somehow it didn’t occur to me to do before!) and started studying geography because my geography is lamentable (I was positive Jamaica was next to Barbados which was like next to Borneo *coughs*) and I am happy to report I now know that North America comprises 9 countries, and I know their capitals (and Mexico does not go down clean to South America or occupy Panama). 🥴

// I watched a ton of vintage movies this month (like 20 or so) and a ton of Andy Griffith. I love vintage movies and I love the difference between American and British, haha. I also watched a lot of Tintin and I want to reread the series, lol. And I rediscovered my love for Scottish folk songs… 😉

// I posted on several blogs this month! Check out Why is Writing Important? over at Allyson Jamison’s and 5 Reasons to Read Classics at Seeking the Timeless Anchor. And I submitted a short story for Grace A. Johnson’s writing contest, so keep an eye on her blog… ☺️

// I started watching a TV series called Disasters of the Century (aka the 21st) and I totally love it. I am learning so much history no one ever taught me (like the 28 July 1945 crash into the Empire State Building, and the bus disaster on 5 August 1978 in Eastman, Québec). I also realized much better just how VAST a century is, and how crazy the difference there was between 1903 (Frank slide) and 1998 (Swissair crash)… or even between 1944 (Hartford Circus Fire) and 1960 (Metropolitan Store explosion)—it’s insane. 🤯

I also regularly one out of my room and share various disasters with my family. I even hijacked school one day by telling the story of the 1919 Great Molasses Flood in Boston…. 😎

// I had a long convo with a friend about what it’s like to be bilingual and it made me so happy. I really wish authors would check into things like how to write multilinguism or mixed culture or French people or stuff…. it’s so much more respectful and so much more accurate. 😞

// Goodreads updated to beta and everyone freaked out and I didn’t find it that bad. *hides* AM I THE ONLY ONE?! 🤔

// I started taking walks again and started listening to Hunchback of Notre Dame again… 👀 more on that later. I was sick for about two weeks (yippee me) and fell off the calorie counting bus. BUT I also went to the doctor for my chronic stomachaches and I have a barrage of tests to do (yay again) so… that’s good? Also I got lots of puppy snuggles from my grandpa’s dog… ❤

// I was pretty closed off and “aloney” this month, yet I did FaceTime some special friends and got to hang out with some friends in real life—shopping and a picnic. It felt awfully nice. 😌

// I revisited my Little Blossoms for Jesus account on IG and decided to reopen it…

In short, it was a very productive, busy, but everyday/uneventful type of month, which was nice.

|| Reading

Ah, reading, my old friend… So I actually didn’t read a lot this month (just 37 books) but it was more than I expected (although most of it was because I read through a lot of the Martine series haha). I received a ton of ARCs at the same time (and they’re still poring in—I swear everyone releases books around the same time, and as proof I point out that TWO of my ARCs had the same release date. Ha!). So that put my monthly challenge reading quite a bit back, but I hope to catch up soon. I read some really good books this month and was inspired to start creating mood/aesthetic boards for books I read! I haven’t started yet (mwhaha) but I really want to lol.

Favourite Book of the Month: Dìlseachd by Cheyenne van Langevelde.

Just go read my review because I can’t express how good it is. And check out the aesthetics Cheyenne posted on Instagram if you can, because…. 👌🏼

My Other 5-star Reads of the Month:

All the King’s Horses
Hérisson et Ourson
Martine prend le train
Martine en avion
Martine en bateau
The Four Feathers
The Mystery Off Glen Road
In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae

(r = reread)

Least Favourite Book of the Month: N/A (only 3-5 star reads this month!)

|| Writing Update

This month I started rewriting The Colour of Christmas, although I did very little. I also got a ton of ideas for a new books series (ft. HOND….) and I’m playing with the idea of writing a new book in November…??? But I also want to rewrite The Colour Blue, so…. we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ve also gotten some inspiration from the cameos of various WWII soldiers posted on the Canada Remembers Instagram lol.

And to wrap up, I discovered something…

I was reading “Colour of Christmas” today and realized I don’t identify with Jay anymore—helpless, frightened Jay. I feel protective and caring towards him, but he isn’t ME anymore.
I don’t feel like I need a Matt or an Orlando anymore.
I’m strong.
That’s why I couldn’t write “The Colour Yellow” yet. I had to get there first.

|| Blog Posts

|| Songs, Verses, & Poems

by Vincent Starrett

Here dwell together still two men of note
Who never lived and so can never die:
How very near they seem, yet how remote
That age before the world went all awry.
But still the game’s afoot for those with ears
Attuned to catch the distant view-halloo:
England is England yet, for all our fears–
Only those things the heart believes are true.

A yellow fog swirls past the window-pane
As night descends upon this fabled street:
A lonely hansom splashes through the rain,
The ghostly gas lamps fail at twenty feet.
Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.

Who is among you that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh in darkness, and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the Lord, and stay upon his God.

Isaiah 50:10

Captain Morgan’s March (song)

|| What Did I Learn in August?

It’s been an interesting month. I’ve had some downs (weight gain/inability to lose, marriage of friends, massive unexpected break into my dream of the future) but overall I’ve been quiet. Contented. I’m waiting to see what God will do. I’ve resolved the Bible School issue at last—after praying, God led me to do it here at home for now. I’m trusting Him to move us and give us a house. I’m trusting Him for friends even when it looks like once more they’re drifting away. I’m trusting Him to send me/bring me to my husband at the right time, if he’s out there, instead of freaking out about trying to hunt him down. Just trying to be a better person. To move forwards instead of sitting still. I’m thinking a lot, if I’m not feeling very much.

And I’m realizing how far I’ve come. Looking back at my old posts and my books, reading about people who are struggling, I realize that my fight with depression is over. I will always have some—but it doesn’t control me now, and it’s not a daily or even a weekly fight. Anxiety and fear don’t hold me as tight as they used to. I am more confident. More adventurous.

Things aren’t going how I planned, but they’re good, and I trust they’re working out to be the best thing ever. I’m willing to wait and see… and flourish in the waiting.

I guess that’s all I wanted to be able to do, all along.

|| August Achievements

  1. Read my bible literally every day. // Failed miserably. Ugh. Someday I will be able to do this… hopefully SOON.
  2. Learn to talk to my Father. (I literally just realized He’s my Father and not just the King/my Lord. It’s an amazing realization.) // Eh… not really?? I tried, but I kind of forgot…. again. 😢
  3. Keep atop of reviews. // I did very well until the last week where I got sick, lol!
  4. Write. // A little, so I’m counting that a win!
  5. Read more than I watch shows. // Another epic fail.
  6. Write blog posts. // I did! I wrote a lot. 😎
  7. Post frequently on IG. // Well… kinda. Kinda not. 50/50.
  8. Basically just keep doing daily life… ❤ // That, yes. ❤

|| September Goals

  1. Read a lot. No more movies, my dear.
  2. Calorie counting and long walks.
  3. Piano practise daily.
  4. Keep working on my spiritual life…
  5. Brainstorm my business, make a S.M.A.R.T. goal, and hopefully build my website (and it would be nice to have a list of business books to reread yearly).

How was your month, cupcakes?


Published by Katja L.

Hello! :) I'm Katja. I'm a Canadian bibliophile, book reviewer, writer, and child of God. I love too many things to name, but among them are chocolate, heirlooms, history, fancy handwriting, grammar & punctuation, laughter, tearjerking books, lists, organized bookshelves, pink roses, flowing skirts, hymns, and pretty much anything old-fashioned, beautiful, & classy.

8 thoughts on “August 2022 Wrap-up

  1. WOW! You had a busy August, for sure. SO cool you had so many five-star reads!

    I don’t love the new version of Goodreads, but I don’t hate it either. I didn’t see a need for change, but it’s not radically different, so I’m not vexed.

    The Andy Griffith Show is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s really lovely to read about your learning and your personal growth. ❤ I love playing piano, too! Don't have a keyboard (yet) but 'tis on the list. 😀

    As far as goals… I'm not much of a Jordan Peterson fan, but he does have one prompt I've been doing since fall 2019, which is "What would your life look like if it were better?" Something about the modest framing of "better," along with prayer and the Holy Spirit's help, has been so helpful. I just started a new list recently, with a more specific framing "What would life look like if it were more fulfilling and joyful?" Learning and reading are also highlights on my list. 🙂

    Hope your September is delightful!

    Liked by 1 person

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