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I PUBLISHED A STORY!! // Seize the Night Book Release

You read that right. I have a short story in this lovely anthology, and I am sooooo happy about it!!!!


An Anthology Honoring the Birth of the Savior
When Oliver is offered help in the search for his son, will he answer the Voice in the night and the forgiveness extended to him?
A lifetime of inferiority; a mistake with tragic consequences—can anything convince Brett that he isn’t too young for Christmas, after all?
A baking mistake pushes a perfectionist out of her comfort zone.
Sometimes forgiveness takes love, patience, and being stranded in a snowstorm.
A young girl struggles to understand Christmas is all about God walking with us through the darkness and making it bright.
Two siblings hurting thousands of miles apart. Will a kindly hero make a way for them to reunite?
A wounded prisoner and a little girl teach us about having a Real Christmas.
During the Christmas of 1945, Lane Mueller just wants to get home but getting from Los Angeles to Amarillo is no easy task when going home is what everyone else wants too.
Featuring various genres sure to please the whole family.

My Review

Yes, I have a story in this anthology. No, this does not bias me in my rating or review, because I frankly feel like mine is the least awesome in this collection. There is some serious talent featured here!! 

A Voice in the Night by Abbigail Raine B.
5 stars. I was a little surprised when I started this story by the raw, gritty feel—cold, dark, miserable streets, a man drowning in guilt, and a missing toddler + ex-girlfriend. Abbigail Raine didn’t shy away from the darkness that there is in this world, but she did a beautiful job showing how it can be flooded with light. I couldn’t help loving Oliver—he was so broken, so hurt!—and Soren was such a great guy, and very unique—a policeman-turned-pastor who looks like a biker, acts like a secret agent, and loves like a father. Although this is a short story, there was plenty of action, suspense, yearning, and sweetness; and it was all well paced and very well written. And to top it all, a beautiful message and ending. ❤ 

Content: many mentions of drugs + alcohol, mild violence, out-of-wedlock pregnancy—all clean and well handled.

Too Young for Christmas by Chelsea Burden
5+ (aka 6) stars. Oh, I adore Chelsea Burden’s sweet, tender storytelling style, and she displayed all her lovely powers here. This little tale was simply perfect. Brett was such a darling, and I related so much to his feelings of inferiority and anxiety. Callie was a sweetheart—such an inspiration! Their story was so bittersweet and heartbreakingly beautiful—and the message! oh, the message! It was wonderful, perfect, Christmassy, and so original. ❤ I haven’t more words, but this one was my favourite in the whole collection.

Salt Cookies by Julia Cassidy
4 stars. Such a cute, sweet story as this was! It was so unexpected and unique, but made me smile so big. Giselle was very relatable—especially during the holidays, haha—and William was a dear boy (who somehow reminded me a lot of William from The Old River Road , which I really enjoyed). The lesson was very apropos—a great reminder—and the ending was epic. 😉

Everly After by Abigail K. Harris
4.5 stars. This started off with a bang, but slowed down into a sweet, heart-tugging story, and I was delighted. Abigail Harris’ trademarks are military, heartbreak, love, and siblings, and she brought them all out here. I appreciated how kind and thoughtful Caleb was, and my heart went out to Everly and Justice. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them, but the ending was a perfect wrap-up… This story just touched my heart and I was so happy with the message. ❤

Her Unexpected Rescue by Katja H. Labonté
This story is actually the beginning of a 15k novella which can be downloaded free on my blog. It came from my heart—just a simple, slow-paced, Christmassy story of a young woman learning how to find true peace and discovering what Christ’s birth was all about. ❤

Unconditional by M.L. Milligan
5 stars. Okay but I squealed SO LOUDLY during this story. It was the cutest, sweetest thing ever!! I loved how M.L. Milligan flipped the trope I expected around on its head and delivered an adorable, heartwarming tale of miscommunication, love, and siblings that made me tear up. Levi was an absolute hero and 10000% stole my heart by his excellent character and beautiful heart, and I couldn’t help sympathizing with Laylah, although I also wanted to shake her. ;P The message of this story was a tug on the heartstrings, and I loved all the sarcastic humour!

A Heart without Christmas by R.L. Peterson
5 stars. We all know I tend not to be a fan of Civil War/War Between the States stories—even if I can resist reading them—but I couldn’t stop grinning like a fool as I read this. It’s just so sweet and cute and well done! The beginning and ending are perfect, but Liberty STOLE the show. She was just too adorable and exuberant and kiddie and straight-up awesome. I need more loving, opinionated, rambly five-year-olds who wander down rabbit holes as they try to explain Bible stories… 😉  

Despite the Odds by Kaytlin Phillips
5 stars. Yes, yes, yes. I am always down for a good WWII story and this ticked all the boxes. I enjoyed reading about a little-known historical event, and Lane was a great guy with some great friends (Nate and Connors were just so fun! Always down for a good grumpy/sunshine partnership.) Jess was super sweet, as her father, and I loved the addition of the church meeting and carols. This would make an epic movie, just saying! 

All in all, this is an epic anthology with some simply wonderful stories, and it’s perfect for those who want good Christmas stories about the true meaning of Christmas—that is, what Christ’s birth means for us. No commercialism, no Santa, no traditions—just God. 

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About the Authors:


Open: December 1st-25th, 2022, winner announced on the 26th.

Prize: Paperback of Seize the Night, swag, release day goodies only given in the release giveaway. Special contributions to the giveaway from other authors (Some authors who are being featured in Abigail Kay Harris’ 31 for 31 Christmas Book Reviews) and a special edition candle from Between the Pages Gifts:

Blog Tour Schedule:

1st of December: 

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2nd of December: 

Allyson Jamison | Author Spotlight and Candle Giveaway 

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3rd of December (Release Day!): 

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4th of December: 

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5th of December:

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Madi’s Musings | Author Interview, eBook Giveaway and Spotlight

Discipleship with Joy | Review

Go check it out, y’all! it’s amazing!!

P.S. And if you’re interested in entering an anthology yourself, Abigail is accepting entires for the second anthology in this series…. check it out here!


Published by Katja L.

Hello! :) I'm Katja. I'm a Canadian bibliophile, book reviewer, writer, and child of God. I love too many things to name, but among them are chocolate, heirlooms, history, fancy handwriting, grammar & punctuation, laughter, tearjerking books, lists, organized bookshelves, pink roses, flowing skirts, hymns, and pretty much anything old-fashioned, beautiful, & classy.

19 thoughts on “I PUBLISHED A STORY!! // Seize the Night Book Release

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Katja!!!!! I am SO happy for you!!!!! *shoots out confetti* Also, I LOVED reading your reviews for each of the stories. They were just so much fun, and made me smile like I was fangirling over them with you. 🙂

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