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Maybe It’s More Than Rules

This is a post I’d meant to post back in early 2022 but didn’t get to, so it’s rather old. However, it explains one of the biggest things I learned this year… « I’ve been following all the rules for ‘building a great relationship with God’ but I haven’t found You. » I wrote that todayContinue reading “Maybe It’s More Than Rules”

God Save the Queen // A Platinum Jubilee Tribute

I cried watching this. Ninety-six years of selfless, gracious, loving service and sacrifice, achieving the longest reign in history; guiding a commonwealth of over fifty different countries; traversing a world war, the turn of a century, a global pandemic, and almost a hundred years of change; reigning always with tact, grace, and a true desireContinue reading “God Save the Queen // A Platinum Jubilee Tribute”

Can We Skip to the Good Part Please?

There was a trending audio on Instagram reels a while ago. A voice would sing, “Can we skip to the good part please?” and the reel creator would slap their hand against the camera for the next slide to show “the good part.” But one reel stuck to me. (You might want to mute theContinue reading “Can We Skip to the Good Part Please?”

Spell the Month in Books // January-May

So I saw this first on Kate’s blog but apparently the challenge is from Jana @ Reviews From the Stacks. I loved the idea so much I just had to go back and do the months I missed. 😆 JANUARY J ~ Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Ohhh, yeah. I love “Jane Eyre” (yes, theContinue reading “Spell the Month in Books // January-May”

World Book Day Blog Event // The Fruit of the Spirit Book Tag

Hey hey hey! Guess what day it is?! I’ve been meaning to commemorate this day with a blog post for years, and never got around to it, so when Autumn suggested a blog collaboration, I jumped onto the idea! Thanks, girl! Definitely go check out the other posts by hoping over to her lovely blogContinue reading “World Book Day Blog Event // The Fruit of the Spirit Book Tag”

That’s Why Easter Happened

Thursday night, unable to sleep, I gloomily contemplated the world. I thought of how cruel, how hateful, how unkind everyone was. I thought of those who try so hard to do their duty and help their fellow-man, but are relentlessly criticized by outsiders and hampered by their own who bow to the demands of theContinue reading “That’s Why Easter Happened”

15 Books to Read If You Are Writing WWII // Part 1: Fiction

So there’s a lot of posts I’ve been promising lately, but they all need a lot of work, so while I crank them out, enjoy this one ;P If you know me even a little, you probably know I’m a WWII aficionado. I read everything I can get my hands on that has any relationContinue reading “15 Books to Read If You Are Writing WWII // Part 1: Fiction”

Behind the Blogger Tag + Rapid-fire Qs

Hi, cupcakes! How’s March been treating you all?? I can’t believe we are already halfway through—I swear it was February last week!! Today I have a tag and a couple Questions for you guys, so let’s get started! First off, the rules: Thank the person who nominated you. // I stole this tag from JennaContinue reading “Behind the Blogger Tag + Rapid-fire Qs”

The Single Line Story Challenge x2 + 3

Back by popular demand?? Back by several tags, anyways. 😁 And since there’s two (thank you, Florrie and Erika!), there’s gonna be TEN stories today! I’ll add the rules at the bottom and just start the stories now. 😏 P.S. Some of the stories are continuations from last time; can you figure out how many/which??Continue reading “The Single Line Story Challenge x2 + 3”

The Single Line Story Challenge

So I was tagged for this awhile ago and it looks fun, so let’s dive in 😀 Rules: Thank the person who nominated you/mention whose blog you found this on // A lot of my friends have done this, but I think I first heard of it from Autumn, although it appears that Hannah taggedContinue reading “The Single Line Story Challenge”


This quote just jumped out at me recently: “While the world seemed to be whispering ‘you’re not quite enough’ into my ears, you might have felt like you heard ‘you’re just a bit too much.’” Holley Gerth, Fierce-Hearted I’ve always been “too much.” People say it with a loving smile and shake of their head,Continue reading “Enough”