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I PUBLISHED A STORY!! // Seize the Night Book Release

You read that right. I have a short story in this lovely anthology, and I am sooooo happy about it!!!! Synopsis  An Anthology Honoring the Birth of the SaviorWhen Oliver is offered help in the search for his son, will he answer the Voice in the night and the forgiveness extended to him?A lifetime ofContinue reading “I PUBLISHED A STORY!! // Seize the Night Book Release”

December Eve Blog Party Day 2

Welcome back to day 2! Yesterday I shared some of my favourite Christmas songs. (I apologize that some of the videos malfunctioned—there are now fixed and you can actually listen to the music, lol!) And today, I’m blessing you with sharing my whole playlist! ;D You may notice I have some obsessions. And that thingsContinue reading “December Eve Blog Party Day 2”

December Eve Blog Party Day 1

Welcome to the December Eve Party, y’all! This is hosted by the lovely Lily @ Lillian Keith, and I am so excited to participate. This fun event will extend over two days—November 30 and December 1—so be sure to check back tomorrow for my second post! The idea is to share songs from three differentContinue reading “December Eve Blog Party Day 1”

The Give Thanks for Books Tag

This tag was created by the lovely Rachel @ The Edge of the Precipice and I was tagged for this by Eva-Joy @ The Caffeinated Fangirl last year… and am finally getting to it—sorryyyyyy! THE RULES1. Thank the person who tagged you. (Thanks, Eva-Joy!)2. Fill out the tag.3. Share the tag graphic in your post.4.Continue reading “The Give Thanks for Books Tag”

Are the High Places Removed?

Have you done a Bible-in-a-year challenge? I’ve been doing it for two to three years now and it’s been amazing. I had a plan on YouVersion, which has audio, so I would play the audio and listen as I did chores. It was a chronological challenge, so I was reading through 1st & 2nd KingsContinue reading “Are the High Places Removed?”

Heretics & Lords: An Author Interview With D.J. Speckhals

We have more of an unusual blog post today, but I wanted to introduce you all to D.J. Speckhals! D. J. Speckhals is the author of Witnesses of the Light, a historical fiction series taking place in the fifteenth century featuring the Waldenses. Heretics of Piedmont is the first in that series. Since he was a young boy,Continue reading “Heretics & Lords: An Author Interview With D.J. Speckhals”

15+ Books to Read if You Are Writing WWI Fiction

Okay, so remember these? Here is their cousin. I know this list is small and I am not an *expert* at these kinds of lists. But I do want to share about the books I suggest reading if you’re writing WWI. As a starting point, maybe. 😉 1. A Treasury of War Poetry: British &Continue reading “15+ Books to Read if You Are Writing WWI Fiction”

Stop Waiting for Life

I got my permit several years ago, as a nineteen- or twenty-year-old (really, those years seem light ages away now, thanks to everything that’s happened since…). Of course, that wasn’t my idea. My parents signed me up for the classes, knowing otherwise I’d never take the plunge, because I never do unless someone shoves meContinue reading “Stop Waiting for Life”

22 Blogging Tips ( + How to Create One)

Aight, so apparently I’m making a collection of these posts, eh? ;P I’m making their very own tag, in fact…  Anyways, I’ve been promising a lot of posts lately, and they will come, but this one is overdue. 😉 So, this is a post I’ve been asked for for a while. I’ve also been asked forContinue reading “22 Blogging Tips ( + How to Create One)”

KDWC: A Christian Writing Camp

Are you a writer who loves getting together with a group of like-minded writers? Are you a Christian lady who yearns for the encouragement and camaraderie from fellow Christian ladies? Then you should check out The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp! Do you enjoy setting a goal for NaNoWriMo? KDWC is a wonderful companion or alternativeContinue reading “KDWC: A Christian Writing Camp”

September 2022 Wrap-up

Well, guys, September’s a wrap. I honestly feel like it was June just the other day… but on the other hand I feel like January was centuries ago. So there’s that. I can’t remember what happened this month, but let’s see what I can come up with. || Highlights & Lowlights // The Queen passed.Continue reading “September 2022 Wrap-up”

A Thanksgiving Song

I thank Thee, Lord, for home and hearth,For flowers and plants that fill the earth,For trees that sway and birds that sing,For family laughs that makes roofs ring. I thank Thee, Lord, for rivers strong,For men and ships oft’ thereupon,For cooling breeze and waves that hiss,For hours spent beneath Sun’s kiss. I thank Thee, Lord,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Song”

Dangerous Best // Five Fall Favourites Day 6

Well, cupcakes, it’s day 6. The wrap-up of it all. Giveaway winners are announced, books are on sale, TBRs are crammed full, and bookishness is (partially?) satiated. We have a weekend to recover from our binge… with books, of course. Maybe even a new one. Recommended in FFF ’22. I have a PDF for youContinue reading “Dangerous Best // Five Fall Favourites Day 6”

To Know & Understand Past & Present // Five Fall Favourites Day 5

It’s almost the last day, folks… I’m not sure I’m ready to return to everyday life, as Anne of Green Gables says. But it was super fun, wasn’t it? And we always have next year to look forwards to… Today’s topic is one of my very favourites, and the genre I read the most: “PeopleContinue reading “To Know & Understand Past & Present // Five Fall Favourites Day 5”

Trust & Honour With My Whole Heart // Five Fall Favourites Day 4

Day 4/6—only 2 days left!! *cries* I’m so not ready for this to end! But that reminds me of a quote from Heidi (which I haven’t read in years and which I really need to reread soon): “Oh grandmama, if I could only wait up here for Schwänli and Bärli! I am afraid I shan’tContinue reading “Trust & Honour With My Whole Heart // Five Fall Favourites Day 4”

Crime is Common, Logic is Rare // Five Fall Favourites Day 3

Ugh, the week is HALFWAY DONE!!! I’m so sad to see this go, cupcakes… I love this week! Alll da boooooksies!!! Everywhere!! Good books! Happy memories! Ahhhh!! Bliss!!! ‘No, dearest, I’m not crazy… not yet.’ (If you can source that quotation without googling it, you get 5,000 extra bonus points as an avid bookworm. IfContinue reading “Crime is Common, Logic is Rare // Five Fall Favourites Day 3”