Fear & Truth

The other day I put down my phone after scrolling through social media. I was feeling weary and anxious after seeing dozens of posts warning about how terrible the world was getting. All of a sudden a thought rushed into my head. Why is the fearmongering that washes over my social media feed and evenContinue reading “Fear & Truth”

It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn // 7 Days Of Hope Blog Tour

Once I stood in the nightWith my head bowed lowIn the darknessAs black as could be;And my heart felt alone,And I cried, “O LordDon’t hide Your face from me.Hold my hand all the way,Every hour, every day,From here to the great unknown;Take my hand,Let me standWhere no one stands alone!”Like a king I may liveInContinue reading “It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn // 7 Days Of Hope Blog Tour”

Meet my WIP Series!! // #MyJay

So, I’ve decided that since I will be releasing these books (Lord willing) somewhat soon, I should raise awareness about them… since I depend solely on readers to spread the word about them. ;D But first off, as a KDWC-er reminded me today, what is my WIP series? The Chronicles of Kalsyia Now, I’m notContinue reading “Meet my WIP Series!! // #MyJay”

The Five Favourite Couples Tag

Once more I stole this tag from Eva-Joy. This is the last one. XD I’ve never tried to fill out something like this and generally I draw a blank, so we’ll see how it goes!  These categories are for TV shows, apparently, so I’ll be adapting them a little to book genres!  Rules: 1.) PickContinue reading “The Five Favourite Couples Tag”

Chat With Wyn-Wyn & Kat-Kats // Victory’s Voice Launch Tour

Hey guys!!! If you’ve somehow managed to miss it, the launch tour for Victory’s Voice is still going strong. I posted my review over at Old-Fashioned Book Love, so you can head over there and check it out. I’ll add more info about the book at the bottom of this post. But for now, let’sContinue reading “Chat With Wyn-Wyn & Kat-Kats // Victory’s Voice Launch Tour”

Just the Next Step: My Favourite Bible Story // A Guest Post

I used to be one of those people who didn’t have a favourite Bible story. Simply out of principle. If someone asked me which was my favourite, I would give a vague reply. “There’s too many to choose,” I’d say, or “They’re all so good.” And… that’s true. There are a lot, and they areContinue reading “Just the Next Step: My Favourite Bible Story // A Guest Post”

Ships, & Shoes, & Sealing-Wax, & Cabbages, & Kings—oh my!

Which is another way of saying I have a random bunch of exciting stuff to tell you. I’m always quoting that line from Lewis Carroll whenever anyone talks of random stuff. XD My mother says she feels sad for people who don’t have someone like me. My siblings, I’m sure, would tell you to countContinue reading “Ships, & Shoes, & Sealing-Wax, & Cabbages, & Kings—oh my!”

Aunt Jimsy’s Philosophy

If you know me at all, you know I love to throw out a book quote that just fits the situation I’m in. My family has heard me quote A.A. Milne and Dr. Seuss way more than they’d like, I’m sure. And no matter what we’re discussing, the chances are I’ll throw in a quoteContinue reading “Aunt Jimsy’s Philosophy”

8 Books to Read in Spring // 2021 Edition

And we are continuing the series!! 😀 Past posts in this series can be seen here. 1. The Canada Geese Quilt. I was first attracted to this book by the cover, which really reminded me of Sarah, Plain & Tall. I found that the story made me think a lot of Sarah P&T too! It’sContinue reading “8 Books to Read in Spring // 2021 Edition”

The 5 Favourite Female Characters Tag

So I stole this tag from Eva-Joy’s archives. 😇 And I thought if I was gonna do male characters I had to do female characters too, right?! So here goes.  Rules: 1.) List 5 of your favourite female characters (book or screen).  2.) Tagging other people is optional. 3.) If you are tagged link backContinue reading “The 5 Favourite Female Characters Tag”

11 Tips for Buddy-Reading

Hey, friends! I’m back with some buddy-reading tips. I’ve done a lot of buddy-reading in my time. Some were good experiences, others weren’t. Some were amazing! So here are a couple things I learned about buddy-reading over the years. 1. It’s a commitment.  Buddy-reading is a commitment. You are promising to read a certain bookContinue reading “11 Tips for Buddy-Reading”

The Writerly Sibling Tag

So I stole this tag from Alabama Rose, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from someone else, who… xD yeah. But it’s fun and full of excerpts… XD Rules: Rule One: Thank the blogger who tagged you & provide a link to their post.Rule Two: Answer the inquires, including any ones added by meansContinue reading “The Writerly Sibling Tag”

The Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt!!! Today, I’m taking part of this fun event and giveaway to celebrate the release of Sarah Holman’s new book, Fanny’s Hope Chest. I’m on the launch team and I love it! The book is releasing on Valentine’s Day and I’m so excited, it’s such a good book! MyContinue reading “The Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt!”

Letters to my Past & Future Writer Self

  So once more I am stealing an idea from Jenna Terese, but in my defence she told me to do this, so. 😉   She encouraged us to write letters to our past and future writer selves. This is kinda just journaling, but maybe you’ll enjoy it anyways and be encouraged or inspired. ❤Continue reading “Letters to my Past & Future Writer Self”

The 5 Favourite Male Characters Tag

So I have no clue where I picked up this tag… but here you go. After it’s done, we have the 5 Favourite Female Characters and 5 Favourite Couples. I can’t wait. 😀    Rules: 1. List 5 of your favorite male characters (book or screen). 2. Tagging other people is optional. 3. If youContinue reading “The 5 Favourite Male Characters Tag”

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