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Officially launching in Summer 2023; however, I am accepting contracts in advance. Contact me through the contact form.


Please carefully read this section before sending a review request:

To have your book considered for review, please fill in the following form:

Based on your answers, I will decide whether or not I will read your book, and will get back to you within a week. If your book has content you know I dislike but you think I might like it anyways, please let me know in detail in the “comments or extra information” section so we can talk it over. 

I will give your book an honest review in exchange for an ePub &/or MOBI copy (I can accept PDF if you have no other format available but I by far prefer ePub.)

I also retain the right to stop reading at any time and review your book based on what I’ve read and why I stopped.(However, I would only stop if I feel that the content is against my beliefs). Thank you for your understanding.

The review will be posted on Amazon & Goodreads, but I do not promise to review and/or spotlight it on my blog and/or my bookstagram.

Please note this will be an HONEST review. I will not accept any pressure to change my review—I consider this a lie, as well as it being illegal.

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