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Readathons & Reading Challenges

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2021 March-April Readathon

~A Readathon is reading a set number of books in a given time.
~ It runs from now to April 3, but you can start whenever you like.
~ You pick your goal. Pages, hours, number of books, whatever.
~ You clock in when you like.

The goal is just to make reading time & not spend as much time on TV or pinterest or whatever distracts you a lot from reading. 😉

You can comment on my instagram post, tell me your goal & your set time, and, if you like, DM me periodically and celebrate reaching milestones!
You can also check out my stories on the same account; I’ll have a couple slides up about the Readathon.
Or, in the comments for this page, give your goals & your set time (when you’ll start). At the end of your set time, tell us what you got accomplished and we can celebrate!
If you’re in, comment, DM, or whatever. If you want to do it unofficially, feel free. The goal is to read a lot!! 😁
Here’s my goal! As you can see, it’s partly unfinished; once I get to those days I’ll see what I want to do next. 🤪

Happy reading!

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