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Goodbye, 2022, Year of Revival

It’s December 30 as I write this, 4:45 in the evening. In a few minutes we’ll be doing our family New Year’s supper. Tomorrow, December 31, we’ll celebrate Christmas with my extended family. Then Sunday is January 1. That feels very clean and aesthetic—a new year, a new month, a new week, starting all atContinue reading “Goodbye, 2022, Year of Revival”

That’s What Christmas is All About (+ A Gift for You!)

Christmas Day. Those two words evoke so much. Christmas trees, decorated in a multitude of ways. Christmas decor of a thousand different variations. Christmas foods and Christmas drinks. Christmas songs, Christmas films, Christmas books. Christmas traditions and family gatherings. All wrapped up in that vague, delightful thing called the Christmas spirit. Christmas is seen asContinue reading “That’s What Christmas is All About (+ A Gift for You!)”

Are the High Places Removed?

Have you done a Bible-in-a-year challenge? I’ve been doing it for two to three years now and it’s been amazing. I had a plan on YouVersion, which has audio, so I would play the audio and listen as I did chores. It was a chronological challenge, so I was reading through 1st & 2nd KingsContinue reading “Are the High Places Removed?”

Stop Waiting for Life

I got my permit several years ago, as a nineteen- or twenty-year-old (really, those years seem light ages away now, thanks to everything that’s happened since…). Of course, that wasn’t my idea. My parents signed me up for the classes, knowing otherwise I’d never take the plunge, because I never do unless someone shoves meContinue reading “Stop Waiting for Life”

Losing to Win

This summer, I’ve been pondering the meaning/reason of life a lot. At the marriage of a friend in July, I realized that, to quote my journal, “Marriage is … the coming together of two people to serve God together—him, whatever way God called him; and me, helping him. It’s not about me… it’s about servingContinue reading “Losing to Win”

The World is Still Worth Saving

We all know and love Anne Shirley. The red-headed orphan with the optimistic worldview and golden heart of love. Sometimes, we even incline to laugh a little at Anne and her rose-coloured ideals. “So innocent,” we say. “So simplistic. So childlike.” Yet do you remember what Anne’s life really was, while she created this perspectiveContinue reading “The World is Still Worth Saving”

It’s Easy to be a Pharisee

It is not, however, easy to write this post. It’s been sitting on my mind for a while, and sitting on my heart for longer, and then sitting on my list-of-posts-to-write, and finally sitting as an open tab on my desktop, waiting for me to finally speak up and admit it. You see, I’m aContinue reading “It’s Easy to be a Pharisee”

O Canada // A Tribute on Canada’s 155th Birthday

“Whereas the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick have expressed their Desire to be federally united into One Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with a Constitution similar in Principle to that of the United Kingdom…” It’s been 155 years since 1 July 1867, when theContinue reading “O Canada // A Tribute on Canada’s 155th Birthday”

Maybe It’s More Than Rules

This is a post I’d meant to post back in early 2022 but didn’t get to, so it’s rather old. However, it explains one of the biggest things I learned this year… « I’ve been following all the rules for ‘building a great relationship with God’ but I haven’t found You. » I wrote that todayContinue reading “Maybe It’s More Than Rules”

Can We Skip to the Good Part Please?

There was a trending audio on Instagram reels a while ago. A voice would sing, “Can we skip to the good part please?” and the reel creator would slap their hand against the camera for the next slide to show “the good part.” But one reel stuck to me. (You might want to mute theContinue reading “Can We Skip to the Good Part Please?”

That’s Why Easter Happened

Thursday night, unable to sleep, I gloomily contemplated the world. I thought of how cruel, how hateful, how unkind everyone was. I thought of those who try so hard to do their duty and help their fellow-man, but are relentlessly criticized by outsiders and hampered by their own who bow to the demands of theContinue reading “That’s Why Easter Happened”


This quote just jumped out at me recently: “While the world seemed to be whispering ‘you’re not quite enough’ into my ears, you might have felt like you heard ‘you’re just a bit too much.’” Holley Gerth, Fierce-Hearted I’ve always been “too much.” People say it with a loving smile and shake of their head,Continue reading “Enough”

Overwhelming Peace

Listen to this music and read the words, slowly. *following words by E. Schürer; rough (literal) translation by me. French lyrics here* Like an immense riverIs the peace of God.Perfectly it advances,Victor in every place.Perfectly it increasesConstantly its course;Perfectly its slopeLowers itself always. Like a river glorious is God’s perfect peace, Over all victorious in itsContinue reading “Overwhelming Peace”

A Christmas I Will Never Forget

Heyyo, cupcakes!!! (I thought that was a really cute expression but never actually used it yet. But I should, because y’all are really cupcakes. Sweet, sparkly, and fun to be around. <3) It’s been like five generations and a decade since I last posted… well, not technically, but a real post instead of a repost,Continue reading “A Christmas I Will Never Forget”

Resting in the Waiting

I don’t recall where I heard that phrase. I think perhaps I heard it from a friend, or maybe it was someone on Instagram. (If anyone knows, please tell me.) But at any rate, I heard it. The phrase captured my attention even as I disliked it. I disliked it because it was a sortContinue reading “Resting in the Waiting”

Dear Child // Write for Life: Sustainer’s Smile & To Save a Life Launch Tour

Dear Child, you are precious. What beautiful little hands you have! What tiny feet! What perfect fingers! What a sweet, sweet little fuzzy head you have, and how good you smell! Dear Child, you are loved. I wish to do the best for you. I will feed you, comfort you, hold you, clean you, nurse you,Continue reading “Dear Child // Write for Life: Sustainer’s Smile & To Save a Life Launch Tour”

God is Not Defeated

I sit in my pew and listen to people discuss world events. Below the anger, the bravado, the bashing, the dismay, the sorrow, the disgust, I can sense an undercurrent of defeat and gloom… a ripple of we’ve been beaten. The Right has been beaten. It’s almost as if, as they think of how moreContinue reading “God is Not Defeated”

Please Stay

It’s Suicide Prevention Day. I don’t really know what to say. I’ve been accused so much of faking it, of talking of what I don’t know about, of being an attention seeker, of being over dramatic, of just saying pretty words and not understanding. Few people ever take me seriously when I say I struggleContinue reading “Please Stay”