10 Ways to Make a Friend’s Day

Hi, friends. 🙂 Today I have a list of things that I have found to bless me. They’re things that have made a grey day better, touched my heart, and made me feel loved. They’re things which I want to remember to do for my friends. I hope this list can be inspiring for youContinue reading “10 Ways to Make a Friend’s Day”

Halfway Through 2020: A Recap

July. Halfway through 2020.  What a year.     Yes, 2019 was a year of change and growth. I matured. I saw my flaws. I learned a lot. It was a hard year but a good one. I thank God for the friends He gave me this year to support me as I navigated this (adult)Continue reading “Halfway Through 2020: A Recap”

We Know the Ending

I look around me right now, and what I see is worry and fear.  Worry about the virus. Are people going to keep dying from it? Will we?   Worry about police defunding. Are we all going to be left defenceless?  Worry about police brutality or misuse of rights.  Worry about the government stealing rights. HowContinue reading “We Know the Ending”

Choose Truth: The Truth Will Set You Free

So somehow I did not have a post for Monday. Which I did not realize till Tuesday. Oh well.  But it kind of turns out well, because there’s something I want to say. *disclaimer: I do not endorse all these men, but these quotations are worth pondering.* There is so much that frustrates me right nowContinue reading “Choose Truth: The Truth Will Set You Free”

I Can’t Earn Anything // A Message to Perfectionists

Today is another of those raw, real, almost-journaling type posts because I need to work through some stuff and I do that best by sharing about it, and because I thought maybe someone else could learn from this. I’m sorry that it’s so rambly.  I am an overachiever and a perfectionist. No one doubts it.Continue reading “I Can’t Earn Anything // A Message to Perfectionists”

A Call for Justice

When authors starts writing a story, they usually have to figure out the character. This can range from taking a test on 16personalities.com, to doing a character questionnaire, to having a random bullet-point list of stuff about them, to writing an in-depth biography, to just writing the story and finding out what the character isContinue reading “A Call for Justice”

8 Ways to Reclaim a Bad Day

We all have those days, don’t we? The day when everything goes wrong from the moment you wake up and just gets worse as the day goes on. We also have those days when everything is going fine and all of a sudden EVERYTHING GOES BAD. Neither are fun. Both are stressful. Both end upContinue reading “8 Ways to Reclaim a Bad Day”

You Are Not Allowed to Hate // A Protest Against Prejudice

I want to say this before I start. I do not want to offend anyone. I want to prevent offence to people. Please keep this in mind as you read this, and don’t take it personally. I say this with passionate care, not with anger or hatred.  I have been observing this lately, and itContinue reading “You Are Not Allowed to Hate // A Protest Against Prejudice”

Praying for Other Christians // A Devotional

Reading my devotions lately I came across these two prayers that Paul prayed for different churches that he had ministered in. I also noticed that Paul often says he prays every day for these people–probably by name. It struck me that with all this free time many of us have, we should definitely be spendingContinue reading “Praying for Other Christians // A Devotional”

Katja’s Tips to Having a Productive Day

Hiya, friends! I’m here today with a lifestyle post. This is a list of things that I’ve found help me to have a productive day. I hope you’ll find them useful. 🙂 1. Get ready. It’s always best to get up early. It gives one more time. xP But regardless of whether it is 5:20 a.m.Continue reading “Katja’s Tips to Having a Productive Day”

Living in the Spirit

Today I decided to post my thoughts on the fruit of the Spirit that I talked about last Saturday. Next Saturday I’ll be doing a double batch of my LBFJ mini-devotionals. 🙂   So when I read Galatians chapter 5, it really stood out to me, and I decided to study the fruit of the Spirit in depthContinue reading “Living in the Spirit”

Happy Easter! // He is Risen Indeed!

Easter lilies! Can you hear What they whisper, low and clear? In dewy fragrance they unfold Their splendor sweet, their snow and gold. Every beauty-breathing bell News of heaven has to tell. Listen to their mystic voice, Hear, O mortal, and rejoice! Hark, their soft and heavenly chime: Christ is risen for all time! ~OnContinue reading “Happy Easter! // He is Risen Indeed!”

8 Ways to Implant a Habit

For a long, long time I’ve had habits that I’ve wanted to implant. They include: Wash my face twice a day. Brush my teeth twice a day. Brush my hair every day. Read my Bible every day. Write in my diary every day. Post daily on my bookstagram. Eat better. Sleep better. Get up early.Continue reading “8 Ways to Implant a Habit”

Having Real, Pure Joy

When this journal prompt came out, I came upon the blog post and prepared to answer the answers in the comments. But the first question stopped me.  What brought me real, pure joy? In my heart, I knew it wasn’t Jesus. Other people said reading their Bible, or praying. For me, it was nothing ofContinue reading “Having Real, Pure Joy”

Rejecting Prejudice // An Appeal to Christians

This is a short post, but it is heartfelt.  I grew up in Montréal, surrounded by people of every culture, colour, race, & religion. Ever since I can remember, our church had been full of diversity. Just now Italy, Africa, Haiti, Québec, & English Canada is represented in our church. I would be happy to seeContinue reading “Rejecting Prejudice // An Appeal to Christians”

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