Why I No Longer Do NaNoWriMo + My Alternative

I have been participating in Camp NaNo & @NaNoWriMo for about 7 years now. I was an enthusiastic supporter of the organization, and I was always recommending it and gearing up for November. But on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, I deleted my NaNo account, unsubscribed from all their emails, & quit following their Instagram.  There areContinue reading “Why I No Longer Do NaNoWriMo + My Alternative”

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

In this world there’s a huge pressure to be strong. “You’ve got this.” “You can do it.” “Just keep pushing on.” “You’re strong.” And all the other catch-phrases running around. There’s a good side to all this encouragement. But there’s also a downside to it. The downside that weakness is made out to be atContinue reading “It’s Okay to Ask for Help”

Stop the Rain Cover Reveal Tour!!

YOU. GUYS.  IT’S FINALLY HERE. Man, I love this book so much already and I’ve only read snippets. Many snippets. Kassie was working on Harley’s story while I worked on Nathan’s. Harley reminded me of several of my characters, and my heart went out to this poor, broken adult kid. He’s basically become my nephew.Continue reading “Stop the Rain Cover Reveal Tour!!”

Choose Truth: The Truth Will Set You Free

So somehow I did not have a post for Monday. Which I did not realize till Tuesday. Oh well.  But it kind of turns out well, because there’s something I want to say. *disclaimer: I do not endorse all these men, but these quotations are worth pondering.* There is so much that frustrates me right nowContinue reading “Choose Truth: The Truth Will Set You Free”

A Call for Justice

When authors starts writing a story, they usually have to figure out the character. This can range from taking a test on 16personalities.com, to doing a character questionnaire, to having a random bullet-point list of stuff about them, to writing an in-depth biography, to just writing the story and finding out what the character isContinue reading “A Call for Justice”

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