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Five Fall Favourites Day 2 // Family!

Welcome back to day 2, everyone! It’s going to be such a delightful day 🙂 I hope everyone had some lovely adventures yesterday! Today we are in the… That’s right, the book room! Which means a freebie from yours truly! And I’ll be nice and let you get it right here instead of making youContinue reading “Five Fall Favourites Day 2 // Family!”

Five Fall Favourites Day 1 // Adventure!

Welcome to the Five Fall Favourites, you all! (Yes, I add a u—I’m a Canadian, and you just can’t take that u from me—I’ve tried…). I’m thrilled to be here this year as an official participant! I’ve been unofficially participating for a couple years, so it is kind of surreal to be official now. 😉Continue reading “Five Fall Favourites Day 1 // Adventure!”

Why I’m Pro-Life // Write For Life: Sustainer’s Smile & To Save a Life Launch Tour

When the Babar TV Show opens, you find little baby Babar living with his mama and friends deep in the Jungle—a happy, innocent, simple life. Until suddenly A Hunter arrives, and Babar’s mama is murdered, leaving poor Babar an orphan. Babar runs away in grief and ends up in the city, where la vieille dameContinue reading “Why I’m Pro-Life // Write For Life: Sustainer’s Smile & To Save a Life Launch Tour”

Behind the Scenes of By This Shall They Know: Hymns & Songs

Hey guys! Katja here. The lovely Chelsea @ Light in the Tunnel & SAW Publishing is taking my blog over today for a behind the scenes of her new release, “By This Shall They Know”! I loved her selections, so I am really excited about this 😉 *hands over the mic* I’m really excited forContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of By This Shall They Know: Hymns & Songs”

Cover Reveal: Sustainer’s Smile

GUYS. The fourth book in a clean Christian kingdom adventure series is being revealed today! Sustainer’s Smile (Truth from Taerna #4) by Erika Mathews is now available for preorder for 50% off in EBOOK and also in SIGNED PAPERBACK! It will be released on October 21, 2021! This book is gonna be so good andContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Sustainer’s Smile”

Interview with Alice Knight // At Her Fingertips Blog Tour

Hello, everyone! Today I am very excited to welcome you to the blog tour for Kellyn Roth’s new book. I was able to secure an interview with the main character herself (such a fun girl 😉 ) as well as do a review of the book! so let’s get started! *Katja steps onto stage andContinue reading “Interview with Alice Knight // At Her Fingertips Blog Tour”

The Lost Review of Odd Books Blog Tour

Hey guys!! I am here today with a really special post all about a really special girl. Esther and I have been friends for… a year or so now?! She’s just really witty and funny and clever—she’s awesome. XD Esther has a lovely blog over at We’ve Got Pockets which I strongly recommend you toContinue reading “The Lost Review of Odd Books Blog Tour”

Anything Release Tour!

13 Christian women. 13 short pieces. 1 book. You’re in for a treat!  I’m so excited to share about a debut book! The very first short story and poem collection from King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is coming soon to a retailer near you!  Title: Anything. Release Date: April 26, 2021 Retailers: Amazon | Apple BooksContinue reading “Anything Release Tour!”

Oh, The Fallen // Cover Reveal Tour

Today I am super excited to share the cover of an upcoming book… that just happens to be my first professional edit…!!! It’s also a very good book 😉 and I highly recommend it… <33 it’s super sweet and lovely. Are you ready?! I love this cover XD ready? okay…. Release Date: Memorial Day, MayContinue reading “Oh, The Fallen // Cover Reveal Tour”

It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn // 7 Days Of Hope Blog Tour

There was a time when I listened to this song almost on repeat. I was going through a dark, depressive, difficult time, and these words resounded with me. The reminder that I did not stand alone. That the Unknown was safe in His plan. That He held my hand. That He was leading me toContinue reading “It’s Darkest Just Before Dawn // 7 Days Of Hope Blog Tour”

Chat With Wyn-Wyn & Kat-Kats // Victory’s Voice Launch Tour

Hey guys!!! If you’ve somehow managed to miss it, the launch tour for Victory’s Voice is still going strong. I posted my review over at Old-Fashioned Book Love, so you can head over there and check it out. I’ll add more info about the book at the bottom of this post. But for now, let’sContinue reading “Chat With Wyn-Wyn & Kat-Kats // Victory’s Voice Launch Tour”

Ships, & Shoes, & Sealing-Wax, & Cabbages, & Kings—oh my!

Which is another way of saying I have a random bunch of exciting stuff to tell you. I’m always quoting that line from Lewis Carroll whenever anyone talks of random stuff. XD My mother says she feels sad for people who don’t have someone like me. My siblings, I’m sure, would tell you to countContinue reading “Ships, & Shoes, & Sealing-Wax, & Cabbages, & Kings—oh my!”

The Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt!

Welcome to the Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt!!! Today, I’m taking part of this fun event and giveaway to celebrate the release of Sarah Holman’s new book, Fanny’s Hope Chest. I’m on the launch team and I love it! The book is releasing on Valentine’s Day and I’m so excited, it’s such a good book! MyContinue reading “The Hope Chest Scavenger Hunt!”

2 Christmas Freebies // 12 DOC 2020

Just one more day left of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Party… Okay, so I know only one of these is a Christmas story. Butttt I thought I’d let you all know about the second one too. 🙂 So here we go. 🙂 No one should be forgotten at Christmas… The approaching holiday seasonContinue reading “2 Christmas Freebies // 12 DOC 2020”

10 Songs From my Christmas Playlist // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Party + 12 DOC 2020

So day “M” was actually supposed to be “Movies,” but I don’t really watch movies and I’ve only seen two Christmas movies, soooo instead we are doing some random music from my Christmas playlist! 😀 1. Christmas is a Gift by Amanda & Elizabeth Tero.  Lyrics can be found here. This is a new songContinue reading “10 Songs From my Christmas Playlist // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Party + 12 DOC 2020”

11 Favourite Indie Christmas Books // 12 DOC 2020

Hey, friends! Welcome to day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas! Today we will be taking about 11 of my favourite independently published Christmas stories. 🙂 Please do check out (my) reviews before purchasing a book, of course. 😉 My reviews can all be found on the Goodreads pages. 🙂 And now let’s getContinue reading “11 Favourite Indie Christmas Books // 12 DOC 2020”

10 Snowy Things // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Tour

Day 5! Here are 10 snowy things I love. 😉  1. Snowflakes. Simple, right? But have you ever studied snowflakes?? They are mind-boggling. Each one of them is crafted carefully and uniquely… each. one. of. them. And there are millions in one snowfall… and hundreds of snowfalls in a year… and thousands of years ofContinue reading “10 Snowy Things // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Tour”

8 Illuminations // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Tour

Welcome back to the party! Today’s topic is “Illumination.” 1. Candles. There’s just something about candles that’s christmassy… and there’s just something about candles that’s lovely and peaceful and awing. I don’t own any because 1) little kids are not the best around candles; 2) I’m a klutz and am afraid of burning my houseContinue reading “8 Illuminations // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Tour”

7 Red, White, & Green Items // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Party

Welcome to day 3 of the 10 Days of Christmas Blog Party! 😉 Today’s topic is things commonly seen at Christmastime that I like. 1. Christmas Ornaments.  I loooove the colour red (especially when it’s paired with gold), and there are SO many gorgeous ornaments that are red!! I currently own two and love them.Continue reading “7 Red, White, & Green Items // 10 Days of Christmas Blog Party”