11 Tips for Buddy-Reading

Hey, friends! I’m back with some buddy-reading tips. I’ve done a lot of buddy-reading in my time. Some were good experiences, others weren’t. Some were amazing! So here are a couple things I learned about buddy-reading over the years. 1. It’s a commitment.  Buddy-reading is a commitment. You are promising to read a certain bookContinue reading “11 Tips for Buddy-Reading”

22 Tips to Read More (& How to Avoid Slumps)

I’ve often been asked how I manage to read 500-570 books in a year. So I thought I would do a quick post listing some of the reasons that make me able to read so much. They might not work for everyone, but I suggest giving them a try! Trying something new is often helpful.Continue reading “22 Tips to Read More (& How to Avoid Slumps)”

8 Reasons to Re-Read a Book

I have been a big reader almost all my life. I would read a book, and some time later–weeks, most of the time, but in some cases days–I would read it again. And then a little while after that, I’d read it again. And again. I didn’t have a huge selection of books as a child–books thatContinue reading “8 Reasons to Re-Read a Book”

Journaling My Favourite Novel

Happy World Book Day. 🙂  Everyone knows Enemy Brothers is my favourite novel. I talk of it in season and out of season, at every opportunity and sometimes without any opportunity. I love that book so much. I’ve read it so many times and each time I find new depths in it. So today I’llContinue reading “Journaling My Favourite Novel”

How I Manage My Reviews & Reading

Hi friends! Today’s post will be one that organizer geeks like me will probably like, and if you’re not an organizer geek… you may find it less interesting. 😉 But I hope it can also be helpful somehow to someone 🙂 Also you will probably notice that this post was written back in November 2019…Continue reading “How I Manage My Reviews & Reading”

Reader Problems Book Tag (+ Winter Reading Challenge)

Hey, friends! Today we have a fun little impromptu post. These problems are 100% real bookish problems. It’s not even funny.  I stole this tag from Kate. xD 1. You have 20,000 books in your TBR, how in the world do you decide what to read next?Start at A and work my way through alphabetically.Continue reading “Reader Problems Book Tag (+ Winter Reading Challenge)”

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