Goodbye, 2020, the Year of Change

Welp, when I called 2020 the year of change last year, I wasn’t kidding. Though little did I know how much would change. My goal for 2020 was to change. I wanted to change my lifestyle. I wanted to be healthier. I wanted to be more organized & scheduled. I wanted to be brave. IContinue reading “Goodbye, 2020, the Year of Change”

2020 Bookish Recap

I have a whole volley of recaps & wrap-ups and welcome-2021 and 2021-goals posts coming up, so buckle your seatbelts ;P this is just the first one I got done! 😉 Okay, well…. here goes for 2020’s bookish recap. ;P As in my last recap, I’m stealing half of this idea from Victoria, half from Sarah, and half from Lindsey. ;PContinue reading “2020 Bookish Recap”

Halfway Through 2020: A Recap

July. Halfway through 2020.  What a year.     Yes, 2019 was a year of change and growth. I matured. I saw my flaws. I learned a lot. It was a hard year but a good one. I thank God for the friends He gave me this year to support me as I navigated this (adult)Continue reading “Halfway Through 2020: A Recap”

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