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My Writing Journey // My Advice to Young Aspiring Authors, #1

As a child, I took scenes and passages and descriptions from various books and move them into a story. I usually ended up with it unfinished, but at the time it pleased me very much. Then I began to write little stories—2 or 3 pages, probably less than 500 words. When I was about 10,Continue reading “My Writing Journey // My Advice to Young Aspiring Authors, #1”

November 11, the Day We Remember

© 2019 R. Labonté Today is the day we set aside to remember, acknowledge, and thank the heroes of Canada.  The Indian, French, and English Canadians who threw aside the religious and cultural differences and fought the invaders in 1812.  The Canadians who dropped everything and went to the trenches, the planes, or the ships in 1914, whoContinue reading “November 11, the Day We Remember”

Choose Life

There are so many stories in the world. Everyone has a story. Every thing has a story. Joys and sorrows, days and nights, rainstorms and sunshine, winters and summers, smiles and tears, are interwoven. Wherever someone’s story is now, there’s more coming. New friendships will arrive. A husband or wife, Children. New homes. New neighbours.Continue reading “Choose Life”

Thank You // A Tribute to Those Who Fought in Afghanistan

I was about 8 months old on 9/11. But aside from that, almost everything in this is exactly what it was like for me. This was penned by my sister, Annalissa. I wasn’t yet thought of by my parents when 9/11 happened. I was born almost a year after. Instead, I grew during the war andContinue reading “Thank You // A Tribute to Those Who Fought in Afghanistan”

It’s the Little Things

This piece of blank verse came to me while I was hanging laundry. (Never underestimate the power of hanging up laundry, peeps. While you’re at it, don’t underestimate the power of doing the most commonplace things–you’ll never believe where I composed my best piece of poetry.) I hope this strikes a chord in you. TheContinue reading “It’s the Little Things”

The Cost of Exaggeration

Exaggeration. I think we’re all guilty of it. I’m not totally against exaggeration. In fact, I’m quite an exaggerating person. My friends can testify. 😉 But since I don’t want all those embarrassing stories to come out I don’t think we’ll ask them to. I can think of several good reasons to exaggerate. (Well, more or less goodContinue reading “The Cost of Exaggeration”

Camp 2019: Highlights + What I Learned

This Camp was my first experience of any kind of camp whatsoever. I learned so many things… and I also came back with so many beautiful memories. I’m going to be sharing them today so this might get a bit rambly. HIGHLIGHTS: Singing in the dining hall. My cabin was singing outside during the lineupContinue reading “Camp 2019: Highlights + What I Learned”

My Mission with Little Blossoms for Jesus

I’m a reader. I’ve been a book lover all my life. I carried my favourite books under my arm when, as an 18-month-old, I went to see my newborn sister in the hospital (for your information, they were little board books of Bible stories–I think one was Moses in the bullrushes, but I don’t knowContinue reading “My Mission with Little Blossoms for Jesus”