11 Tips for Buddy-Reading

Hey, friends! I’m back with some buddy-reading tips. I’ve done a lot of buddy-reading in my time. Some were good experiences, others weren’t. Some were amazing! So here are a couple things I learned about buddy-reading over the years. 1. It’s a commitment.  Buddy-reading is a commitment. You are promising to read a certain bookContinue reading “11 Tips for Buddy-Reading”

22 Tips to Read More (& How to Avoid Slumps)

I’ve often been asked how I manage to read 500-570 books in a year. So I thought I would do a quick post listing some of the reasons that make me able to read so much. They might not work for everyone, but I suggest giving them a try! Trying something new is often helpful.Continue reading “22 Tips to Read More (& How to Avoid Slumps)”

8 Reasons to Re-Read a Book

I have been a big reader almost all my life. I would read a book, and some time later–weeks, most of the time, but in some cases days–I would read it again. And then a little while after that, I’d read it again. And again. I didn’t have a huge selection of books as a child–books thatContinue reading “8 Reasons to Re-Read a Book”

10 Ways to Make a Friend’s Day

Hi, friends. 🙂 Today I have a list of things that I have found to bless me. They’re things that have made a grey day better, touched my heart, and made me feel loved. They’re things which I want to remember to do for my friends. I hope this list can be inspiring for youContinue reading “10 Ways to Make a Friend’s Day”

8 Ways to Reclaim a Bad Day

We all have those days, don’t we? The day when everything goes wrong from the moment you wake up and just gets worse as the day goes on. We also have those days when everything is going fine and all of a sudden EVERYTHING GOES BAD. Neither are fun. Both are stressful. Both end upContinue reading “8 Ways to Reclaim a Bad Day”

Katja’s Tips to Having a Productive Day

Hiya, friends! I’m here today with a lifestyle post. This is a list of things that I’ve found help me to have a productive day. I hope you’ll find them useful. 🙂 1. Get ready. It’s always best to get up early. It gives one more time. xP But regardless of whether it is 5:20 a.m.Continue reading “Katja’s Tips to Having a Productive Day”

8 Ways to Implant a Habit

For a long, long time I’ve had habits that I’ve wanted to implant. They include: Wash my face twice a day. Brush my teeth twice a day. Brush my hair every day. Read my Bible every day. Write in my diary every day. Post daily on my bookstagram. Eat better. Sleep better. Get up early.Continue reading “8 Ways to Implant a Habit”

How I Manage My Reviews & Reading

Hi friends! Today’s post will be one that organizer geeks like me will probably like, and if you’re not an organizer geek… you may find it less interesting. 😉 But I hope it can also be helpful somehow to someone 🙂 Also you will probably notice that this post was written back in November 2019…Continue reading “How I Manage My Reviews & Reading”

My 5 Favourite Bookish Twists || Clichés & Twists 02

Today is part two of my clichés & twists series. Be sure to read part one if you haven’t yet. As I stated last week, I like the “perfect” things. Beautiful heroine, handsome hero, predictable romance, happy-ever-after, villain-is-caught type of books. And yet… I also love the not-what-I-expected, bittersweet, realistic, unusual type of books too. There’s aContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Bookish Twists || Clichés & Twists 02”

My Writing Journey: My Advice to Young Aspiring Authors

As a child, I took scenes and passages and descriptions from various books and move them into a story. I usually ended up with it unfinished, but at the time it pleased me very much. Then I began to write little stories—2 or 3 pages, probably less than 500 words. When I was about 10,Continue reading “My Writing Journey: My Advice to Young Aspiring Authors”

My 5 Favourite Bookish Clichés || Clichés & Twists 01

Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to have a bit more of a writer/bookish post where I share about my five favourite clichés! We’re also starting something that will hopefully become a series… 😉  We all know what clichés are. (<< please note the accent on the e. “Cliche” is not a word.)  They are the thingsContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Bookish Clichés || Clichés & Twists 01”

Tips for Writing Reviews | Blog Post Round-Up

And, as I promised last week, today is a round-up of the posts that helped shape my review writing. I am sharing these because they helped me, and perhaps they may help someone else. 🙂 Why Write Reviews?  First off, why write reviews? They are an investment. They take time and thought. Why bother toContinue reading “Tips for Writing Reviews | Blog Post Round-Up”

How I Write a Review

Reviews. They can be a slightly sticky topic. Many people have many different ways of writing them, and different opinions on how they should be done. Personally, I found my happy spot after I began writing lots of reviews and read many posts/watching many videos on writing reviews. I will post those links next weekContinue reading “How I Write a Review”

11 Things I Love in a Blog

These thoughts are from a blog-reader’s point of view, not a blogger. They are things I have found make or break a blog for me. 😉  1. Interact. This one is super important. Interact. Reply to comments on your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, you name it. It doesn’t need to be long—just say, “thank you!”Continue reading “11 Things I Love in a Blog”

4 Life Hacks for Restless People

I am a very easily distracted, easily bored person. I have a hard time focusing on things, especially if my hands aren’t involved somehow. I’m the kind of girl who needs to chew something, fidget with something, or listen to something to keep my attention on what I’m doing. So I have a couple tricksContinue reading “4 Life Hacks for Restless People”

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