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Hello, my friend. ❤ Welcome to Little Blossoms for Jesus. 

Here you will find… 
  • Probably lots of bullet point lists because I love lists for some reason.
  • Lots of rambling because I ramble a lot too.
  • Book spotlights, fangirling, and all that fun stuff. 😉
  • Tips I have found in writing, reviewing, life in general, etc. (Because I also love tips for some reasons.)
  • Thoughts (on my life, on things God has shown me, and all that kind of thing.) 
  • Lots of my pathetic attempt at humour. 
  • Probably historical and grammatical stuff (because I love that too).
  • Spotlights on my blogging, Instagramming, & YouTubing friends. 
  • Basically anything that I love, plus lots of random stuff. ;P (so maybe you should check out the About Me page so you know at least a few about the thousand-and-one things I love).
This welcome didn’t end up anything like I thought it would… but oh well. This is me, guys. A rambly, distracted, silly girl with many loves who wants to spread sunshine and smiles. 🙂 

I hope you can enjoy this blog, as faulty as it is. ❤

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