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Should Christians Write Dystopians?

Disclaimer: All I have to say is NOT because of any specific book in particular. I have been thinking of this for a long time and meaning to say it. This is in no way pointing out a specific book or author. It’s my own musings and convictions and NOT…

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February Wrap-Up // 2023 Edition

Well, friends, it is March and I am behind (again) but I have a good reason for it. Actually, lots of good reasons. Wanna find out what? Read on! || Highlights & Lowlights // I discovered another of my reels went viral! 10k views 😉 // I made a new…

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We Need Anne as Much as George

If you’ve ever read been into 1950s MG books, you may have come across Enid Blyton—a prolific English writer who wrote mainly mystery series for children. Now, Enid Blyton has her faults, but I have enjoyed many of her books, one of which is Five on a Treasure Island, start…

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My Favourite Characters of the Year for 2022

For the life of me, I cannot figure out where I got this template/tag. I copied it from a website in entirety but forgot to add the website link. If anyone recognizes this format and remembers who came up with it, please let me know so I can tag them!!…

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Tell Me You Love Me + Seize the Love

We have something very special today, guys! A dual blog tour for two wonderful anthologies about true love—Tell Me You Love Me and Seize the Love! Tell Me You Love Me – a timeless collection of stories that truly understand the meaning of “I love you”Twelve young Christian authors have…

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Katja H. Labonté is a Christian, an extreme bibliophile who devours over 365 books in a year, and an exuberant writer with a talent for starting short stories that explode into book series. She is a bilingual French-Canadian and has about a dozen topics she’s excessively passionate about (hint: that’s why she writes). She spends her days enjoying little things, growing in faith, learning life, and loving people.

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