Meet my WIP Series!! // #MyJay

So, I’ve decided that since I will be releasing these books (Lord willing) somewhat soon, I should raise awareness about them… since I depend solely on readers to spread the word about them. ;D But first off, as a KDWC-er reminded me today, what is my WIP series? The Chronicles of Kalsyia Now, I’m notContinue reading “Meet my WIP Series!! // #MyJay”

The Writerly Sibling Tag

So I stole this tag from Alabama Rose, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from someone else, who… xD yeah. But it’s fun and full of excerpts… XD Rules: Rule One: Thank the blogger who tagged you & provide a link to their post.Rule Two: Answer the inquires, including any ones added by meansContinue reading “The Writerly Sibling Tag”

Letters to my Past & Future Writer Self

  So once more I am stealing an idea from Jenna Terese, but in my defence she told me to do this, so. 😉   She encouraged us to write letters to our past and future writer selves. This is kinda just journaling, but maybe you’ll enjoy it anyways and be encouraged or inspired. ❤Continue reading “Letters to my Past & Future Writer Self”

9 Christmas Writing Prompts // 12 DOC 2020

Today I will be picking 9 random writing prompts from my Pinterest board and suggesting some Christmas stories to you all. 😀 it’s gonna be fun! So, I can’t get the first pin to embed, but here’s the link. I think this would make for a HILARIOUS Christmas story. Added challenge: make it non-romantic!  Okay,Continue reading “9 Christmas Writing Prompts // 12 DOC 2020”

Writing Blues // A Post From the Heart

I should be writing in my story.  I should be working on that blog tag I started.  I should be doing some of the things on my kite-tail-long to-do list. And I shouldn’t be writing a blog post right now when I’ve got so many other posts coming up. Probably no one will even payContinue reading “Writing Blues // A Post From the Heart”

A Letter to my Book “The Colour Blue”

If you’ve been around for a while, you remember when I wrote letters to my two other finished books: Chords, Broken, & The Colour Red. I stole this idea from Hailey Rose, who stole this from someone else. Today’s letter is addressed to my latest WIP, The Colour Blue. Dear Colour Blue, I think you were the hardest thingContinue reading “A Letter to my Book “The Colour Blue””

I’ve Learned

When I wrote Chords, I was convinced it was amazing and ready to be published. My alphas let me know it wasn’t. I was discouraged, disappointed, and angry. I tucked the story away and moved off to other stories. Then I suddenly decided to finish it. And then I got an idea for a shortContinue reading “I’ve Learned”

Why I No Longer Do NaNoWriMo + My Alternative

I have been participating in Camp NaNo & @NaNoWriMo for about 7 years now. I was an enthusiastic supporter of the organization, and I was always recommending it and gearing up for November. But on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, I deleted my NaNo account, unsubscribed from all their emails, & quit following their Instagram.  There areContinue reading “Why I No Longer Do NaNoWriMo + My Alternative”

My Thoughts on Writing Historical Fiction

A Disclaimer before you start: This might a slightly controversial blog post. These are 100% my opinions and I’m not trying to shove them down anyone’s throat or say that you are wholly mistaken for taking the opposite view. I’m just offering my perspective on a subject that I have thought deeply about. I’m also not bashing anyone orContinue reading “My Thoughts on Writing Historical Fiction”

A Letter to my Book "The Colour Red"

If you’ve been around for a while, you remember when I wrote letters to my two other finished books: Chords, and Broken. I stole this idea from Hailey Rose, who stole this from someone else. Today’s letter is addressed to my latest WIP, The Colour Red. Dear Colour Red (a.k.a. CR), I have a historyContinue reading “A Letter to my Book "The Colour Red"”

Never Have I Ever Tag (Writer’s Edition)

And we have an unexpected post because I saw this tag on Mikayla’s blog some time ago and thought it was super fun, so I borrowed it. And then Ryana Lynn tagged me a couple days later. xP So here goes—things I have or have not done as a writer.  Never have I ever… …started a novelContinue reading “Never Have I Ever Tag (Writer’s Edition)”

A Letter to my Book "Broken"

I am stealing this idea from Hailey Rose (who stole this from someone else lol).  Dear Broken,  You were so totally not supposed to happen. I was supposed to be listening to my Scottish folk songs playlist and spin stories about the songs in my head. We were driving home from church one Sunday night at theContinue reading “A Letter to my Book "Broken"”

Sharing My Early Writings: 2 Poems & 1 Story // 12 Days of Christmas Blog Party

Hi, friends. 🙂 Happy five-days-’till-Christmas. 🙂  Today I thought I’d share some of my early writings. Partly as an encouragement to young authors (see how far I’ve come) and partly because… I still like that poem, and the story is apparently the only Christmas short story I have besides An Old-Time Christmas… need to changeContinue reading “Sharing My Early Writings: 2 Poems & 1 Story // 12 Days of Christmas Blog Party”

NaNo 2019: Highlights + What I Learned

Happy December, friends. ❤ Remember this post, all about my NaNo plans? Well, here’s the update. Brace yourselves… this is rambly and excited. XD I was at almost 26k when NaNo began. I was unable to write Friday because I was at a pastors’ conference, but I caught up later. To win NaNo, you haveContinue reading “NaNo 2019: Highlights + What I Learned”

My 5 Favourite Bookish Twists || Clichés & Twists 02

Today is part two of my clichés & twists series. Be sure to read part one if you haven’t yet. As I stated last week, I like the “perfect” things. Beautiful heroine, handsome hero, predictable romance, happy-ever-after, villain-is-caught type of books. And yet… I also love the not-what-I-expected, bittersweet, realistic, unusual type of books too. There’s aContinue reading “My 5 Favourite Bookish Twists || Clichés & Twists 02”

My Writing Journey: My Advice to Young Aspiring Authors

As a child, I took scenes and passages and descriptions from various books and move them into a story. I usually ended up with it unfinished, but at the time it pleased me very much. Then I began to write little stories—2 or 3 pages, probably less than 500 words. When I was about 10,Continue reading “My Writing Journey: My Advice to Young Aspiring Authors”

The NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag

So we have an unexpected tag today because I saw this the other night and decided to answer it. ;D Rules:  Thank the person that tagged you. (Sarah left this tag open.) Link back to the creator of this tag, Sophie @ Sophie’s Corner.  Feel free to use the NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag graphics! Answer the questions.Continue reading “The NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag”

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