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Blogs I Love

Below is a list of my favourite blogs. Each of these beautiful bloggers has inspired, challenged, encouraged, blessed, and ministered to me through these blogs. I hope they can bless you too!

*please note that I do not endorse everything in these blogs*

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This is such an encouraging blog, especially for teens & young adults. ❤ She dosen’t post here anymore, but I strongly encourage you to check out her archives!

Such a beautiful blog… Sarah is such a sweet girl & her posts have spoken to me many times. 

I love Rachel’s blog!! It’s so encouraging & helpful. And she has the BEST planner pages. 

I love Kate’s blog! It’s all things bookish and her posts are quick & interesting. 

Hailey is such an inspiring girl! She dosen’t post really anymore, but her YouTube channel is very active! 

This blog is the perfect place for aspiring authors. Abigayle always has excellent posts full of great tips!

History buffs & aspiring authors will be delighted with this blog!

This girl’s beautiful blog is full of encouraging and inspiring posts. ❤

Poetry abounds in this lovely blog… & so do inspiring and encouraging posts! 

Check out her beautiful archives at Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Father.

Kate is one of my favourite book reviewers, & she also has a lovely writing style.

So many good lifestyle posts on this blog! 🙂 

This is one of my top favourite blogs ever. Gorgeous writing, encouraging & challenging Godly posts, & a girl with a heart full of love for Jesus & the world.

This great blog is full of tips & tricks for writers & indie-publishers! 

Story lovers, this one is for you… a story by the amazing Rebekah A. Morris every Friday!

Poetry, beautiful prose, and such a sweet-hearted girl… and lots of touching information on life as a military child. <33


This blog is just full of laugh-out-loud moments & beautiful posts full of love.

This is the perfect blog for aspiring authors & avid bookworms. 

Her archives are up on

Advice for writers, flash fiction, inspiring posts… this is a lovely blog.

Jesseca’s breathtaking writing, historical knowledge, & beautiful posts make this an amazing corner of the blogosphere. 

Lots of great book reviews, inspiring posts, & helpful advice for writers! Her archives are here.


Professor Carol has such amazing articles about music, life, culture, society, and faith…  just so worth reading.

(I haven’t updated this in forever so excuse me if it’s a little empty lol. Working on it!)

~ You will find more blogs I enjoy in the blogroll on the sidebar here. ~

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