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To Save a Life // Write For Life

Today is National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children.

A day to remember the millions of children who are come to life through no choice of their own, and are rejected.

The millions of children who are carried into clinics not to be cared for & checked up on, but to be coolly slaughtered. 

The millions of children who are ripped, punctured, smashed, burned, and broken.

The millions of children who are thrown aside like bloody, worthless garbage.

The babies who fight through and survive—and whose little lives are promptly destroyed in cold blood.

The millions of people who never had a chance to smile, to hear birdsong, to say “I love you,” to create art, to hold babies of their own.

The millions of brilliant brains that were shattered, the millions of talented hands that were crushed, the millions of willing feet that were torn.

The millions of souls who were sacrificed to selfishness, convenience, and fear. 

Today is a day to mourn the innocent children who were abandoned and betrayed. 

We will not be silent.

We will speak up for the innocent & voiceless.

They need our help.


I wrote this back in September, on the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. You see, I have joined the Pro-Life Army. I joined a long time ago… when I met a little boy named Natty.

Book 1 of Natty’s Warriors, this book tells the story of two young couples: one with big questions and one with the answers they need. When a baby is born alive after a botched abortion, the parents are faced with questions they have never considered. This story follows their journey to the Answers they need regarding Christ, the value of Life, and what they must do to turn their lives around.
(Official blurb in progress)

This book is dangerous. Once you read it, you can never claim, ‘I didn’t know.’”

This was the first book I ever read about abortion. It was the first time I ever really learned about abortion. It left me with a sense of responsibility—something has to be done to save the little Nattys in the world.

In contemporary America, a botched abortion sends shockwaves through several families. A micro-preemie lands in the NICU, where he struggles through massive health issues thanks to the failed attempt at to kill him. His mother is left with to deal with physical injuries, and the father writhes in guilt. The EMT who helped birth the baby relives his traumatic past, while he and his wife grieve their dead daughter. 

All are affected by the unexpected baby. Will it live? Who will care for him? Will his life make a difference? These questions and their answers shake people to their depths. 

Roman was such a great character. His links to the abortion clinic were a surprising twist. His difficult past and the way he constantly has to push through it was well done and so inspiring. His passion and dedication to saving life is convicting. Perry was an excellent sidekick, providing some great humour and good conversations. Stephani was such a sweet wife and mother, and I loved her boldness in proclaiming the Gospel and what is right. Her storyline with Joanna was so good. 

Amber & Chad are my favourite characters in the book. They are such sweet souls with such an intense desire to do what is right. Their romance is adorable, and their love for Natty is beautiful. They were well-done and very realistic people, and their arcs were epic.

Cammie & Chris were awesome minor characters, and I am so excited for their story in the next few books! Cammie comes across as so harsh, yet you can see her misplaced passion and love for people. And Chris is a great older brother to Chad. Mrs. Tate was a sweet grandma, and Mrs. Gray THE VILLAIN of the book—ugh! Also I loved seeing Ellis from Coffee Shop Christmas again. 😉 Oh, and Blake was a great character and I hope to see more of him in the next books—his arc is great and he’s a lovely grandpa and father. ❤

As for Natty—no other character is quite as real in my life as Natty. He lives and breathes, and I defy anyone to say he doesn’t. My little Natty… 

The theme of this book is the value of Life and the immense cruelty and wickedness of abortion. It shows why we must stand for Life, how much we need to actually fight for Life, and how to do it. It shows there is hope and redemption, even in abortion. It shows the difference that one brave soul can make. And this book challenges you to do the same. Because of the topics it must touch upon, this book is appropriate for ages 12-16+, depending on how exposed to the world children are. 

The writing style isn’t epic, but it is REAL. No other characters have ever lived for me like this . The humour is excellent, the message is a must-read… this book shreds my heart and stitches it back up every time… and always leaves me passionate to stand for Life. 5+ stars & 8/10 hearts!

Content: Natty is conceived out of wedlock, but this is barely touched upon and always handled very cleanly, and his parents marry after. A dysfunctional family is a key part of this book, but R & S strive to fix it. An aborted baby is found in a trash can.

A Favourite Quote: Warm and safe. That’s how I feel now, snuggled between my Mommy and Daddy on the couch. Mommy’s crying again, but somehow, I know it’s happy tears. And Daddy, he’s so strong and I know that between them, they won’t let anything hurt me ever again. I guess all the pain was just a mistake.
I’m not scared anymore. I’m safe. I’m loved. And I am exactly where I need to be. Because I know when I call out for help, when I’m scared or if I’m hurting or if I need a hug, they are there for me.
Mommy says I touch lives. I hope so. I hope I touch all the people in the world. Because God put me here for a reason.
Did I touch you?

A Favourite Humorous Quote: “What are you afraid of?”
Perry glanced nervously at the hospital, then back at his coworker. “You know very well what I’m afraid of.” 
“Recitation time, my pupil.”
Perry laughed a little and rolled his eyes. “Women, spiders, babies and clowns. In that order.”
“And we have literally had all of those on the ambulance.”
“When they are hurt, that’s one thing!”
“The spider wasn’t.”

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for promotional purposes. I was not required to write a positive review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.*

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