The 5 Favourite Female Characters Tag

So I stole this tag from Eva-Joy’s archives. 😇 And I thought if I was gonna do male characters I had to do female characters too, right?! So here goes. 


1.) List 5 of your favourite female characters (book or screen). 

2.) Tagging other people is optional.

3.) If you are tagged link back to the person that tagged you.

4.) Link back to Revealed In Time.

Choose one character from each category:

1.) Protagonist.

Katy Carr from What Katy Did Next, by Susan Coolidge. Yes, I’m talking about her again. Because she is seriously amazing. I love how she is so real, but also so sweet and Godly. She is truly a woman to aspire to be like! While firm in doing the right, she is also kind and loving to everyone and sacrifices herself willingly. She is an amazing sister, an amazing friend, & an amazing daughter. ❤ 

2.) Villain.

Oh, sheesh. Let me think of one….

The only one I can think of right now is Amaranth Argent from Michaela Bush’s Lady of Lanaria. There aren’t many female villains! (unless Rebekah A. Morris’ Orlena counts in Unbroken). Amaranth was a fascinating villain. She was extremely manipulative and cunning; emotional, and yet utterly unfeeling. She really creeped you out, more than most male villains do!

3.) Superhero.

Phemie Ingleford from Enemy Brothers. No, she’s not a “superhero” with superpowers. But she’s a real hero. She manages to take care of four kids ranging from about 15 to 8, plus a bunch of sassy evacuated schoolchildren, a helpless mother and her two children & baby, their meddling & irresponsible schoolmaster, a smouldering partly-disabled sister, a whole big house with its gardens and fields, a maid, three old maiden aunts, three silly & annoying cousins, and two overworked brothers, one of whom is half ill. Not to mention she has another little brother who’s a bomber pilot in the RAF, and another who’s a midshipman in the Royal Navy, and another who’s fighting in the Middle East… and then you throw in a sullen, sick, stubborn, long-missing little brother who thinks he’s a German… and then throw in all the stress of WWII England. 

That woman was a heroine and a saint. I don’t know how she managed to do it all + keep a loving, serving heart for everyone. 

4.) That I would want to be friends with.

You mean besides Katy & Phemie?? Anne Shirley. I knowwwww, I keep saying these three ladies every time, but you know what? They are just amazing, that’s why. I’d also like to be friends with Josephine March Bhaer & Laura Ingalls Wilder & Layla from Tattered Wings… oh, and Roberta from The Railway Children. <33

5.) That I wish had better development.

Hmm…. I can’t really think of any right now, except for a few whose development I wish was better morally. Like Valancy from The Blue Castle

Anyways, there you go! Hope this was a fun tag for you to read 😉 I tag whoever wants to do it, and a double tag if you did the favourite male characters tag. ;P

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8 thoughts on “The 5 Favourite Female Characters Tag

  1. Amaranth was a wonderful villainess! And I ADORED all the Tangled movie references in Lady of Lanaria. <333

    You just made me want to read Enemy Brothers with your description of Phemie alone. *applauds* 😀

    I currently have Marched book with posts, but I'm thinking of joining some friends who are doing April NaNo and will need some easy blog posts. *grins* I think I shall steal both versions of this tag like the sneaky snek I am. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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